Buying Trouble???

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Hi Folks,


it's finally time I tried a WRX.

I've got up to £4000 to spend, maybe £5000 at a push and i'd really like a blobeye WRX.

i'm seeing a few cars with around 100k miles, in stock or lightly modded condition for mid £3000's , many of them even have good history and few owners.

this seems really cheap to me.

can anyone shed some light on whether at this sort of price i'd just be buying a nightmare?  or is the going rate for examples of this age now.


thanks in advance, i hope to be bothering you all soon with daft questions about BOV's and oil pumps.

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It does seem a bit cheap to me too. If you look at them have a listen for any noises from the gearbox. They are the weak point of the wrx. Also look for rust on the sub frames and rear inner wings. Engine is pretty much bulletproof, but if they have been played with I’d ask for info on it all. On stock parts the most power you would get is around 280 hp ish. Anything above and it’s been messed with and the gearbox ‘should’ be safe to around 340 or so hp. Good service history and regular oil changes is what you should be looking for. I change mine every 4-5k, but I don’t race around everywhere. If you or previous owner has a heavy right foot I would say change oil every 3k. Good luck in you search.

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