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Vacuum/air leak

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Hi all been a while since I had to post, but I have a little problem I need help with please.

I have a blob wrx, I recently changed the radiator and a silicone pipe kit. All went well and everything seems fine, until yesterday when at full boost with foot down there is quite a loud sounds of air rushing. Take foot of and apply brakes and the brake pedal feels hard to start then as revs drip goes back to normal. So I assume an air/vacuum leak somewhere. I happened to be passing my mechanic and we had a very quick look, all my pipe work seems good and the only think we could see was the y hose had a bit of a bulge at the end after the hose clip.

My question is, could a leaky ic hose cause the break pedal to stiffen up or should I be looking elsewhere?


Must admit I have heard a very slight air noise from centre of car before, but thought nothing of it.


Many thanks

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