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hi all im not sure if any one can help but i was driving home today and i pressed the clutch down and it was super soft like no clutch then i tryed to put it in to gera and it wouldnt go it was making like a grinding noise then it worked fine and done this 3 times on me now i got home checked the oil levels all was good any idea any one cheers shaggy advise would be much appreciated 

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Hopefully its just a clutch fluid or slave cylinder issue , as they're the cheaper options .

If you "pump" the clutch pedal will it go into gear eaiser? This might hint at a slave or cooked fluid causing the problem.

Could try a visual check to see if the clutch slave cylinder is pushing the clutch fork far enough to operate the clutch .

If you try this method and decide you want to check with the engine running , BE CAREFUL .

The last thing you want to happen is for it to go in gear and then fail then get run over by your own scooby [emoji856][emoji850]

Sometimes using a turkey baster to remove the old fluid and re filling with new fluid can resolve slave issues . Just don't get any on the paintwork cos it will strip it [emoji6]

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It's possible it could be any part of the hydraulic clutch system as the fluid reservoir sits over the hotside of the turbo . The heat cycles make the fluid degrade and it often get forgotten to be refreshed .

Which can cause wear in the hydraulic seals

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