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What is spec 'B'?


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Hello all you Subaru experts!

As I'm trying to sell my 2.5SE and move up to the 3.0Rn, my search has discovered a number of Outbacks that seem to fall between these two specs, these being the 'B' spec.  But because different listings describe some of the spec and not others, it's difficult to work out out exactly what spec 'B' actually includes.  I would like to know as it might be another option I can consider.

Can any knowledgeable person please explain.

Thanks in anticipation.




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iirc spec B relates to bilstein shocks and a sportier set up legacy. The difference between R and RN is nav. I dont think I would bother with nav on a 10 year old car, as I suspect they may not have been updated regularly and your phone app is likely to be more up to date

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I am reasonably certain that spec b related to legacy not outback - the bilsteins sit the car lower and firmer, possibly only available as manual. of course there may be a JDM variation. I expect the SI mapping modes  may have popped up around 2006-2007

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