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  1. Hello Siluro, Thanks for the info. However, someone on eBay is selling an Outback 3.0Rn, first registered 15/3/06, and informs me that he is paying the £500+. A pity, as I was interested up until then! Northampton is where I was born and brought up. My family still live there. It has certainly changed since I left just over 40 years ago. I always loved, and still do, the lovely villages in their natural stone. We live in Lincolnshire now, and that is beautiful and fascinating county! Regards. Roger-M.
  2. Hello, I would like to up engine size from my present 2.5L Outback to the lovely 3.0L V6, but am put off by the exceptionally high road tax of £520. Could anyone tell me when this amount was first levied on the 3 litre. My present 2.5 Outback is on a 06 plate (for which I pay £305), but I would consider going older than that for a 3 litre if it was not too much older and, obviously, was a car in good condition. Many thanks in anticipation. Roger-Marie.
  3. Hello Greenmamba, I will try the Brasso; I have some somewhere. Many thanks.
  4. Hello all, The glass of the near side headlamp of my 2006 2.5SE Outback is looking milky and has been noted as an Advisory on the car's MOT. Is there a way of polishing the glass to make it clear again? Hopefully someone will know. Thanks.
  5. Hello all, My 2006 2.5SE is not used that much, but it seems to lose oil and water more quickly than I think it should. The underside of the oil filler cap is completely clean, the MOT exhaust emissions are well below the limits, and I can't say that I've noticed any smoke from the exhaust. Yet, on this car, I would have thought that I would only rarely need to top these things up! Any suggestions anybody? Thanks in anticipation. Roger-M
  6. Thanks Sawman, Does the 'sportier' spec vary from year to year? Does a 2006 'B' spec car include more goodies than, say, a 2004 ? Regards.
  7. Hello all you Subaru experts! As I'm trying to sell my 2.5SE and move up to the 3.0Rn, my search has discovered a number of Outbacks that seem to fall between these two specs, these being the 'B' spec. But because different listings describe some of the spec and not others, it's difficult to work out out exactly what spec 'B' actually includes. I would like to know as it might be another option I can consider. Can any knowledgeable person please explain. Thanks in anticipation. Regards.
  8. I would like to sel my 2006 Outback 2.5SE, which has only done 83K miles and MOT'd until September 2018, as I want to move up to a 3 litre R or Rn. It is gold, full black leather. The alloys are excellent and tyres good. It drives exactly as it should. Nothing needs doing, although there 4 non serious advisories on the MOT. I live in Lincolnshire. If anyone is seriously interested I can supply my 'phone number so we can chat. Similarly, if anyone has a 3.0R that doesn't cost more than I get for my 2.5, then I would be interested. I hope to stay with the low mileage if I can, but let's see what develops! Regards to all.
  9. OK, I will keep looking, although my budget is very limited. Volvo??!! What Volvo? Cheers.
  10. Hello M-T, Is this still for sale? If it is, I would need to sell my 2006 Outback 2.5SE, which has only done 83K miles and MOT'd until September 2018. It is gold with tinted back end glass. Alloys perfect with good tyres. Three minor scuffs on bumpers, but no dents or damage. Anyone interested, as I wish to go up to 3-litre 'R'. Regards to all. Roger-M.
  11. Thanks for that, it was very informative. I assumed it was because of the alarm/immobiliser but knew nothing about the reason why. i suppose, because my wife has a Skoda Fabia, which I drive a lot because it's essentially the family car, and that has 3-button remote, it makes me more aware of the Outback's single button. All in all a minor thing, and the car gives just the same pleasure once in it. Regards.
  12. Yes, that's my current one. Thanks for the trouble. Regards.
  13. Hello Mr B, I do not have photo of my current remote, but it's rectangular, rounded corners, with a single black button. Can't remember the old (2000) control, it's been a few years, but as well as separate lock and unlock buttons, I'm sure it had a tailgate release button. What had you in mind? Regards Roger-M.
  14. Hello shms. Thank you for your welcome and reply. I have created a shortcut to the Outback site. I must assume I am stuck with a single button, as Subaru must consider it necessary for the type of alarm/immobiliser that it works with. many thanks. Roger-M
  15. Hello. I'm Roger-M and I've just joined. My interest is in the Outback, as I am on my second one. My first was a red over gold X-reg, 2.5 manual petrol. A beautiful car! My current car is the 2006 SE version of the same, again manual and petrol. The remote key fob on my X-reg was multi button, whilst my current Outback has just a single button. I much preferred the multi button as it was clearly more practical. Why the change? And is it possible to adapt the alarm system on my 2006 model to use a multi button remote fob? i look forward to being a member of the club. Incidentally, do you have a sister club, or a section of this club, that's exclusively for the Outback? Best regards to all. Roger-M.
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