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Electric windows and wing mirrors are temperamental. Windows make horrid screeching noise when used and mirros, when pressing fancy button to make them retract inwards, decide they don't want to go all the way in or all the way back out and stop and jolt about.

For Windows I'm thinking new motor? Is that easy enough to check? And ideas on how to sort out wing mirrors?

Also 2003 Forester Cross Sports, before I start driving it about every day, does anyone have any tips on common problems I should check need resolving? It's at 60,000 miles :)


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when say windows, fronts rear or both !

Front motors are troublesome as the motor housing faces down and collects water over time but symptoms of that normally slow and weak window movement.Check glass for alignment to seals as adjustable guide blocks keep frameless glass on course and if these out noise can be due to glass alignment off . Wiping seals down with silicone spray and lubing glass tracks with white lithium spray grease good practise .
Motor removal pretty easy if know how do it but if don't can turn into a disaster, I can do some pics and basic pointers on removal if need arises . Don't pamic over sourcing motors as that pretty easy .
Mirrors probably crusty mechanism, can try some careful application of contact spray or wd40 mixed with cycling operation and see if improves .


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