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noise and wheel bearing replacement problems

Mustapha Mondeo

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My 2.0x 2003 forester is noisier than you might expect, a hum from the rear and a whining noise when taking a rightwards curve above 35mph. I suspect the rear nearside left wheel bearing is partially to blame. I  have some concerns about the rear diff too but the chap from the garage has his doubts about that. 

The car has had a saggy bottom for 5 years and I wondered if that may have increased the drive wear? Anyway, I've asked my local garage to change the rear springs and the wheel bearing. 

Latest.  They have aborted the  planned wheel bearing change. Apparently a pin they need to free is seized and they fear that applying more force would probably cost us an ABS sensor, a back plate, and who knows what else.... They suggested I lived with the noise.


I don't think this is a good long term solution. I don't know what is the best way forward...

suggestions please. 

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I  like my garage. They are nice people, and they don't want to cost me money I wasn't expecting to pay. Which is why they stopped. I am not going to change my garage.  Fast with a can do attitude, and not particularly expensive.  I think they are very competent.  Way better than me.

 I was wondering if you can get a second hand hub and ancillaries or something similar?  

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No can't really go with used hub as bolt they on about goes through the hub so same issue, it got come out .

I do these all the time, they can be ballache but if soak them few days with penetrating oil and then attack them with heat and air gun followed by air hammer you normally get them free.

If you use a hub tamer bearing kit you can do bearing on car as long as get driveshaft free so can work around this seized bolt by trying remove the link other end .

Also be aware new springs will not fix your sagging issue, you have hydraulic SLS (self leveling) rear struts and the hydraulics fail and rear sags about 50mm or more. Fix is new KYB struts (non SLS as they only available genuine at about £700 a pair) and matching springs for non SLS suspension (springs differ between sls and non sls) , (less than £200 in parts . I done a thread on this if search .

If need more details just ask .



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