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New Petrol Filter


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I am going to replace the petrol filter (in tank type) on our 2011 Forester (2.5l non turbo). I have seen a utube video where a special tool was used to disconnect the fuel lines from the pump assembly. I have looked on line but can't find anyone in the UK who has them (part 42099AE000). Does anyone know if this tool must be used or are there other ways of disconnecting the fuel line or perhaps other tools?

Thanks in advance

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Straight from the mother land and you can still smell the plastic injection mould release >

5/16 should do it, buy 2 sets it that cheap

You can use couple right angle mechanics picks or similar and use one each side of the notch on plastic sleeve but proper tool better as if you bust these fittings it ballache, gently gently .

These fittings will be nightmare once aged  brittle and abused by many machanics poking it :-S

What was wrong with old way of doing fuel lines !  lol


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