Lower control arm bolt snapped wtf

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Today I decided to finally fit my poly control arm bushes (powerflex bushes) well that's where everything went down hill 😂 well removed the bottom ball which I'm also replacing that went smoothly then I removed the little cover on the subframe to access the bolt holding the rear bush in place that went smoothly then moved into the bolt securing the front bush in place well yeh it was horrifically tight yes a big word but deserved lol so I went three the usual steps soaked in wd40 for an hour or two no joy heated it up with a blow torch still no joy so I used the impact gun which has snapped the head off the bolt 😰 so I thought I'll jus punch the bolt threw and guess what the little !Removed!  still won t move i think it's became one with my car what the hell do i do now other than to live by the motto if it ain't broke don't fix it lol😂

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