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What should I look for?


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Hello everyone, I’m thinking of buying my first Impreza wrx and I was hoping someone could tell me what to look out for. I’ve always had fords up until now so I’m completely new to Japanese cars 

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Check car for undersealing
Inside boot under carpet for rust or ripples
Ripples would mean it’s been rear ended

They are prone to rusting under wheel arches unfortunately they have a rubber strip around all arches it retains moisture eventually causing rust spots
Check it has good clutch and brakes
Check for along top of window for rust blisters
Check that boot lid doesn’t leak when it’s been raining
If it’s been modified that it’s a reputable tuner and all mods are done professionally
Gearbox should be tight and not notchy
Check that the obd light doesn’t come on
Easiest way is to check is three engine start ups with few minutes running at each time
If not within 80 miles
This is all dependant on age of course

Maybe I’ve missed a few points
I’m sure the guys will fill in

Cheers and happy hunting

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Check service history, and that the fanbelt has been changed on time. Check the oil to make sure it's not milky, have the guy take it into boost a good few times to ensure it doesn't overheat on boost (apparently a sign of headgasket failure), all the usual car stuff really!

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