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  1. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Not done yet, but started getting steering wheel wobble last night and had it inspected today to find the calipers are fudged. It was on my to-do list anyway but as i've been stockpiling suspension bits ready to overhaul that it's been on the back burner, this bought it to the top of the list so ordered a set of recon calipers from Godspeed today! Went black with white writing, hopefully they disk hasn't actually warped else i may be forced to do the big brake disc conversion too. I could argue the upgrade to brembos with just calipers but with that i may as well have done the swap anyway :(
  2. Yeah it's been available for a while, just not everywhere has it in stock! ScoobyWorx is one of the few i found it in stock, and with forum discounts comes out at a little under 700 delivered!
  3. Hello fellow PPP wagon owner. If i were starting again, i would likely go with the Pedders! You can get them cheaper than that from Pedders themselves, and other subaru specific retailers that also offer forum discounts, so, shop around! However, that's the price of the set, not including installation and setup i presume? If that's for everything then chew their arms off! You should be thinking about possibly replacing the droplinks, as they are likely as worn as the rest! I'm currently in the boat of considering ARB upgrades, and will likely be going with CDF racing solid droplinks at the same time as apparently the OEM subaru items are plastic and can flex a fair bit when under duress!
  4. I am looking to replace the ARB's on the wagon, and i have the opportunity to buy a 22mm front, and 24mm rear adjustable used from a wagon being broken. Both are whiteline, which i hear are the better for handling but bad for corrosion, however they've been powder coated so that's not too much of an issue. I wondered whether this would be OTT for a road car i have no plans to track? Was thinking about whether just doing the rear would be a better plan or not... I will be replacing droplinks to solid CDF racing items too. Current setup is mostly standard except for KYB ExcelG struts and GB270 wagon springs (essentially PCA dynamics) Cheers
  5. What should I look for?

    Check service history, and that the fanbelt has been changed on time. Check the oil to make sure it's not milky, have the guy take it into boost a good few times to ensure it doesn't overheat on boost (apparently a sign of headgasket failure), all the usual car stuff really!
  6. Wanted 2002 WRX front calipers!

    Late to the party but did you try godspeed? They do part exchange refurbs though yours may have been too far gone to part ex by the sounds of it!
  7. Binned it. Need New Tyres.

    Sounds like you had a bit of a lucky escape this time around, but as others have said you should really be matching the tyres on all four corners, or at least ensuring that they are the same rolling circumference and wear levels!
  8. Final Edition

    Even with owning a WR blue scoob i'd much prefer to have one in white, even though it's a limited run i'd hazard a guess that yours will be the more rare sight on the road! Still, lovely car, congrats! If i were you the first thing i'd be doing is paying someone to correct the paint and then give it a coating so it remains in great condition!
  9. Engine dip stick

    Make sure you are parked on a completely level surface before checking, else you may be getting a false reading. If it's that on a completely level surface then you've probably overfilled it. The common advice is to leave it on a level surface overnight and then check it in the morning, as the other poster said the cut out is the maximum it should be at temp once the oil has warmed up a bit and expanded. They really could have made it much easier, checking the gearbox oil is even more of a pain in the butt.
  10. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    I had this before, it's like it actually dive bombed the car and was all up the side and over the roof. Cheeky buggers, they obviously have it out for the Subarus!
  11. I did consider these before a set of KYB came up cheap new in box, i think if i keep the car past the life of these struts i'll likely think about moving over to them!
  12. Seems to be the consensus. I spent the earlier part of my driving career in minis, and have had modified cars with coils previously, so i think maybe sticking with springs is best for me and my back for now =D
  13. Cheer bud, I wouldn't want to replace the whole lot though, as the struts were new last year and the springs are still good, only need to replace the top mounts! Just didn't know if coils would be a good option, but it seems the majority of people favour the spring/strut route which is understandable!
  14. 17x7.5

    7.5 should go on fine, depending on the offset, 48 is probably the minimum without starting to get into the realms of rubbing, although all of it will depend on how low you've dumped it!
  15. No worries. I was considering coils, but i don't really want to sacrifice the ride quality that much and lowered springs are already quite stiff! But, i would like to even out the ride height. If i was going coils i'd probably go with Meister over BC as they seem to have better reviews overall, but still it's basically horses for courses as they're the same price. Might be able to pick up a used set if you keep your eye on the facebook groups as they quite often come up on cars being broken for parts!