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hello - 1.5R


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hello everyone :biggrin:

new to the Subaru life and ruined my experience already by obtaining a impreza 1.5R (r for really slow)

saying that aint a bad motor, slow and heavy seems like they developed it for the rich and patient :laugh:

anyways just in the research phase at the min, rent my own workshop and have many of cars in that i break/fix and play around with.


so looking at options. would love to make a little pocket rocket out of it (150bhp ish), totally for the funs and lols of it that and i cant afford a tubby out the box,


can anyone tell me what the engine model. is in this dog slow prezza? :blink:


:biggrin: cheers

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Wotcha and welcome - cant help with the engine number but we do have a few 1.5 owners on here. look to tinker with the chassis and losing some of teh weight if you can live without the functionality.

The 2.0 generates around 156BHP as standard but I believe there is a lot of potential there to be released as well

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