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STI parts wanted


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I am quite new to this forum, so please don’t give me too much hate! 

I’ve recently bought my first Subaru, a black blobeye WRX which is almost completely standard :)

I am looking for any used WRX or STI parts or upgrades that people are looking to sell/give away (no matter how small!) to refresh my car a little.

If you have anything that is lying around which isn’t getting used or has been replaced or upgraded, I am more than happy to take it off your hands (I’ll pay for shipping). 

Just pop a message below and let me know what you have (and how much you are wanting for it) and i’ll let you know if I need it :)

thanks guys


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2 hours ago, Mattb said:

Welcome. There’s no hate here, just differences of opinions. 😆 

I have an STI back box that came in a job lot that you could have for a tenner if it’s any use to you. 

Hahaha perfect, I was a member of the MR2 owners club before and they were quite strict on postings!

thanks for the reply :) I actually already have the STI back box on the car, one of the first things I got!

but I appreciate the reply anyway 👍🏻👍🏻

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