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Hi all. Well I don't know where to start but I have an Impreza wrx gb270. About 4 months ago I noticed on my front tyres that they was worn badly on the inner edge. The rear ones was worn evenly but the tread was low so it was time to replace them all. I had a full set of Bridgestone tyres fitted and new drop links on the front then had 4 wheel alignment as I thought the tracking was out badly with the tyres wear. But when it was all up on the computer screen it showed that the tracking was not far out, the cambers was very slightly out but nothing major and they were all equal. Now I'm hearing a clunk noise from the front area when I'm going over a bump and hear like a creeking noise too. But this is not happening every time had a look under the car today to try a pry bar on the bushes ect...but everything seems solid,  then I noticed the 4 months old tyres on the front only are very worn on the inner edge again. Any ideas people? 

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