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  1. Looking good mate so good to see another classic being brought back from the brink 👍 especially as everyone and their dog is breaking them, my arches have gone aswell so this year I'll be cutting them out and welding in new panels then off to paint shop for a full spray over keeping the same colour
  2. Try luke at importcarparts bud he should be able to help 👍👍
  3. I'm not really up to date with the newage stuff mate but i think most folk just get it mapped out coz like you say it's the cheapest option 😎👍
  4. I can't make it unfortunately as i've got the kids, normally i would just come up with my wee lad but he been misbehaving at school so as a punishment he no getting out in the scoob as well as other things, hope you's have a good time though and hopefully we can all have a wee meet and drive at some point 😎👍
  5. Thats fair enough pal, i would be up for going to crail not been there in years but would have to check if i have the kids or not that weekend 😎👍
  6. You're more than welcome to come along tomorrow if you like mate, i've just been thinking that theres a race weekend going on at knockhill so could go there, be good to see the legends and the mini's going for it 😎👍
  7. The fella that mapped my car said that tesco 99 has alot of ethanol in it to bring the octane level up where as shell put different additives in there's which keeps the octane level up for longer but the ethanol in tesco fuel evaporates off over time, my motor goes off the road for winter because of all the salt they chuck down up here, mapper said they both as good as each other if used every day but if the motor going to be left sitting a while to put in v power as when coming to start again the octane level will still be much the same 😎👍
  8. We meeting around 11--11.30 at forth road bridge at the burger king then head up st Andrews way, i thought there might of been a bit more interest aswell but folk might have other things on, would like to maybe try get a monthly meet or something like that going 😎👍
  9. A wee update i finally got hold of my mate and he saying Sunday for a bit of a boost about if anyone can make it , probs be meeting about lunchtime then sort out where we all want to go from there 😎👍
  10. Thats dull mate poor little mini 😥, this boy just doesn't care or give a feck he thought it was funny but like i said to him all laughing aside he could have really hurt someone if they had been down the pit, if it was me i would of gutted 😎👍
  11. One of the boys even said to him give me a shout when you're at the door and I'll guide you on but the lad thought he knew better and tried to go on himself although he has never driven over a pit before 😎👍
  12. So this wee lad started with us a month ago and had to wait until today before he could afford insurance to drive his car, what does everyone think of this Not even on the road 24hrs hahahaha 😂😂😂😂
  13. I don't mind a wee rip about pal there's some gid B roads around 😎👍
  14. Aye some of the barstewards are huge mate they would probs carry wee kids off if they got the chance haha 😂😂, see what the other half says bud, the more the merrier 😎👍
  15. If they say there's oil in the cyl and no comp i would go for hole in the piston, you don't know of a garage with an oscilloscope thingy that could look inside through the spark plug hole just to see if the piston ok 😎👍
  16. No compression would most likely be a hole in the piston or the piston crown has broken off and stuck at the top of the cylinder, i'm not sure if the non turbo engine has the same fault as the turbo engine as in it can run lean on cyl 3 as its the last in line to get fuel 😎👍
  17. Could be a few things letting oil in to the cylinder, could be valve guide's, piston rings worn or cylinder head gasket or cracked block, what did the comp test on cyl 3 say? Was it much the same as the other cylinders? 😎👍
  18. Got her another years mot, passed with flying colours so give her a big drink of lovely v power mmmm yum 😎👍
  19. Cool mate, we can probs do either day but i will let you know later what the plan is, better get back to fixing this road sweeper before the boss man comes haha 😂 😎👍
  20. Not sure yet mate but will probs find out tonight, we usually meet somewhere central where we can have a cuppa and a bite to eat as i'm down in the borders and he in stenhousemuir, last time we headed down the coast to north berwick for a chippy so maybe this time we could go up the way to st Andrews or sowts but as i said before we're quite easy going so if you or anyone else have any ideas thats grand bud 😎👍
  21. Seeing as there seems to be a few more of us from gods country here now from the likes of fife and the central belt we should have a wee meet and run out somewhere, myself and a mate with his sti are meeting up this weekend not sure where about or what day yet but we both easy so could do Sat or Sun. Would anyone like to join us 😎👍
  22. Welcome that is one lovely motor mate, really like the look of that model looks proper aggressive 😎👍
  23. Looking sweet matey 😎😎👍
  24. Happy days mate bet you're glad to have got it all sorted and on the road, that bov looks quality like you'll soon be in the world of bwaaah tsssssh lol 😎👍
  25. Looking good mate and that bov looks like a decent bit of kit, i have a forge adjustable one on my classic which is quite good but not sure if they made them for the hawk 😎👍