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  1. stuartie

    a few pics of my project so far

    Nice one mate glad to see its coming along 😉👍
  2. stuartie

    Map sensor wiring

    Thanks for the pics buddy, my next problem is finding a plug to fit i thought i had got one through the work but it didn't fit 😒, ive been speaking to a mapper near glasgow who seems to have a good rep and he going to get a plug and wire it in, i came across him by some old threads from a few years back on scoobynet when goolgling so had a wee look up for him and he an esl agent amongst other ecu's also, he seems to mostly do jap cars and is the mapper for some drift team and when i spoke to him he had just finished doing alot of cars for the banzai event, so anyway i'm just waiting for the board coming from esl then he going to give me a shout when its there and I'll be up and getting mapped, i can't wait as i'm really missing boost and burble especially with all this good weather 😉👍
  3. stuartie

    Weird Japan talking on start up.

    Welcome to the club 👍, I've never seen one of those before so sorry i can't be of any help but hopefully someone will know, have you tried google translate to see if that tells you what she saying haha 😂
  4. stuartie

    Help needed on 2.5L WRX overheating

    I agree with @Greenmamba about flushing the heater matrix and taking the rad out and flushing that aswell, when i bought my scoob one of the first things i done was flush the coolant system out as the coolant in the header tank was a rusty colour and when i stuck a hose on the matrix pipes the amount of s**t that came out was unreal and same with the rad, so i would try all of that before going down the headgasket route, also they are an absolute pita to bleed 😉👍
  5. stuartie

    STI popped cherry

    Welcome to the club Dave 👍, thats a tasty motor you have there really looks good in white 😉👍
  6. stuartie

    Andy forrest mapping

    Ah makes sense that, i thought it was because theres not as many classics going around anymore but like you say bet he has some amount scrap turning up not that mine's is perfect but its been looked after 😉👍
  7. stuartie

    Map sensor wiring

    I got it off the bay mate and it was advertised as being from a 99 sti so that'll be v6 is it ? Here's a pic Like i say the sensor on the v1 has a triangular plug so just need to find out what wire goes to each of the pins so i can wire up a new plug 👍
  8. How do people, i'm wondering if anyone knows how to wire in a uprated map sensor from a later classic on to my v1 wrx as the plugs are totally different mines is a triangular shape plug with a tail up to the map sensor whereas the later sensor has a thin rectangular plug straight on to it, i can wire in a new plug myself but just need to know what colour wires go where, cheers folks 😉👍
  9. stuartie

    Andy forrest mapping

    Just found out off the man himself that he is no longer mapping early classics because he doesn't do esl anymore i think he's moved over to ecutek which is a bit annoying as he's only 30miles from me, so its back to searching for a decent mapper in scotland or north of englandshire , Newcastle or Carlisle would do if anyone has any suggestions 😉👍
  10. stuartie

    Fuel saver info screen

    They may have done an ecu software update while it was in for service that could possibly change the dash info set-up, all the newer trucks at work are always having to go get ecu updates
  11. stuartie

    V7 wrx sti type uk engine refresh

    Looking good buddy, really nice job you've done 😉👍
  12. stuartie

    Intermittant Steering warning light issue

    Could also be the steering angle sensor on its way out
  13. stuartie

    My classic my2000 uk turbo project

    Nice work so far bud 👍, to get the black trims off you have to take the window rubber off and there's a few screws hold it aswell as a couple of pop out clips 😉👍
  14. Sailed through mot today, not able to get hold of andy forrest though i can't get on his website and his email not working either which is strange hopefully he just getting his site updated
  15. Cheers lads 👍, the mot will be fine its handy working for a company that has a mot bay 😉😉