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  1. I think that pipe should go to the solenoid just above the boost solenoid on the n/s strut tower, its next to the air filter and has that little orange plug going to it as for the idle problem the T piece thingy that the breather pipes and the pipe to the idle control valve go to gets brittle and cracks, it's located under the recirculation valve 👍
  2. Hello, that looks like the level sensor for the headlights and it looks as though that bracket is part of the bottom arm so you would either have to fit a new arm or see if the bracket will weld back on 👍
  3. Welcome, really like the leggy especially the year you are looking at, love the shape and styling, if I was in the market for one it would be the spec b in either the 2.0 twinscroll turbo or the 3.0 h6 but that's just my opinion, there are not really any risks in buying an import that I have found and they are quite often better kitted out than UK models, my insurance is no more expensive than any other car I've had and parts are still easy to come by, they are rhd as they drive on the same side of the road in Japan, good luck with the search keep us posted bud 👍
  4. Welcome, I also have a 92 k reg with the same model code, they are the first edition impreza also referred to as v1 or version 1, they come with a closed deck engine block from factory which is stronger than the later open deck block, my car has alloy front bottom arm's which are also on the sti version however I'm not sure if they come as standard from new or not, I also have an alloy bonnet and there's not a lot of sound proofing in the car, you are right though there are not many left on the road here in the UK most of them are just getting broken for spares now which is a real shame but I
  5. Import car parts have the pads you are looking for, i've just had a look but they only have their own part number for them and not a Subaru number, if you phone them and speak to luke he may be able to get them shipped out to you for the weekend
  6. Thats a bit s**t mate but they shouldn't be poking holes in your car with a screwdriver the way it should be tested is with thumb pressure thats why the mot stations have a little rubber headed hammer, you can knock a hole in anything if you try hard enough and as for your sports cat i'm pretty sure he talking bs saying there's nothing in there, just out of interest where is it supposedly excessively corroded about
  7. Unfortunately most of us will never see the money back that gets ploughed in to the motor, i think all in so far i've put in about 3k in to my classic and that doesn't include the price i paid for the car and most probably I'll not get that back if i come to sell, you can get hold of the rear light seals from import car parts but unsure how much they would be and the headlights can be done with some toothpaste and some time being patient, you could get a exhaust custom made as they not that expensive and will come with a lifetime guarantee and you can get the wheels stripped and powder coated
  8. Nice one jay, you really do like to keep yourself busy, looking forward to seeing what you end up with 👍
  9. How do everyone, i'm looking to replace the alloys on my v1 and just wondering if 16'' wheels will fit over the scoob 4 pot front calipers, i have 17's on at the moment but have seen a tidy set of speedline wheels in gold with decent tyres on but they are 16's and don't want to commit if they won't fit 👍
  10. I have been keeping tabs on your build mate and it's a shame about the engine but at least you can start again and get the motor the way you want and i must say it's coming along nicely 👍, Thanks bud, i'm really happy with the way it has turned out and i'm proper chuffed to have kept it from the big scrappy in the sky 👍
  11. If it's the same kind of idea as the fiat panda then you will have to tell the ecu that it has the new alternator using a diagnostic machine, we found that out at work when we fitted alternators to the 4x4 pandas, took us ages and a phone call to fiat to find that out 👍
  12. Welcome 👍, not sure if the price is good or not but i think the pre 2010 subaru diesel engine's suffered from crankshaft problems, hopefully someone with a diesel will be along with some of the pro's and con's of running one 👍
  13. The key issue will depend on what year/version you are looking at as my v1 is just a normal key with the immobilizer through the alarm fob where as the later models have a chip in the key and a transponder on the key barrel so would have to get a new key coded to the car, converting an auto is do'able but could be a fairly big job and you would have to locate a manual box then put in new pedals and a master and slave cylinder as the manual clutch is hydraulic, you would be better off buying a manual and using the cash you would save to do that up, there are quite a few gc8's out there that are
  14. Thanks Jay 👍, it has been a labour of love and a lot of late nights and weekends but it's all been worth it, i still have a few more things on the to do list to get it where i would like it to be but i will keep updating this thread as i go along
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