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  1. Post 399, c'mon the big 4 double 0 hahaha 🤣🤣
  2. I would say that's too far gone mate, the boot floor will be bent and also not sure what damage will be done to rear diff etc as that wheel doesn't look good and the rear quarter panel is all one piece i think so trying to get one will be hard i would imagine, will your insurance not pay out then just buy another one 👍
  3. Welcome, it sounds ok on paper but things to check would be make sure there are receipts for all mods and a print out of dyno runs which prove what power it has as these cars need to be mapped if any mods have been carried out, the ej20 engine is a really good engine but still needs to be looked after e.g serviced every 5kmiles, black is quite a rare colour you don't see many about, also check rear arches, rear strut towers and sills for corrosion especially if it's a uk car as it will have seen a bit of salt from winter driving, good luck 👍
  4. Yeah vpower or tesco 99 are fine mate, thats what most of us run on 👍
  5. Well bank does refer to the likes of v8's and i would have thought flat fours etc aswell but manufacturers come out with some mad ways to describe things, i some how think though that the front o2 sensor is in the part of the header coming from the passenger side so it could still well be the tgv's on that side or the sensor
  6. Ahh i see so bank 1 sensor 1 is the one in the header probs about the same place as the classic, i wonder if they would class the next sensor in the first cat pipe as bank 2 sensor 2 and each section with a cat in are referred to as banks if you know what I mean
  7. Fooking hell go away for a wee bit and theres like 20 more replies haha 🤣😝, i can do that for you and it's ok about coinage i don't mind just plugging it in to see whats going on, you'll have to wait until i'm finished work though, I'll be finished about 4ish but I'll pm you my number and we can sort something out 👍
  8. Aye we will soon be at the 400 mark 🤣
  9. Haha hardly 🤣🤣, although i do know what to look for and i can keep it plugged in while you go for a drive and monitor the live data and see what the sensor is doing, the diagnostic tablet will probably tell me how much the tgv's are open or closed by watching the parameters, please remember it will be a wee bit of a learning curve for me aswell as i haven't done anything with newage stuff but a sensor works the same whether it's on a truck or a car 👍
  10. Get the centre section of pipe replaced then clear the code, if you want and its still logging a fault I'll plug it in to our diagnostic machine on Monday, i didn't realise you were east lothian as it says on your profile cumbria i'm in selkirk just down the road
  11. You don't have a fault with the lamda sensor which is in the centre pipe so get them to fit it to the new pipe, that code is for o2 sensor pre-cats in the headers its either faulty or the tgv is stuck and messing with the air/fuel ratio on bank 1 👍
  12. Welcome to the club Malc, thats a lovely motor i've always liked that shape and nice colour, don't see many of them about 👍
  13. I think there will be o2 sensors in the headers then more after the various cats so that the ecu knows the cats are working and staying within emission regs, i know on newer hgv's they have cats and have a sensor before and after and they tell the ecu's whether its working correctly of of its getting clogged up etc
  14. That isn't an exhaust code i don't think coz its bank 1 it'l be the tgv's on one side of the engine i'm not sure what side they class as bank 1 and tbh mate i'm not too clued up on newage stuff but i believe its quite a common fault 👍
  15. I would say looking at that that it's what savage said about the tgv thingys, i would assume they are stuck or the solenoid is goosed pal 👍