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  1. stuartie

    Subaru wrx

    You will probably need to go see a mapper to get the secondary air pump mapped out, in other words telling the ecu that its not there anymore
  2. stuartie

    Hello world! Future owner here!

    Welcome Timmy 👍, you should be able to pick up a decent blob wrx within you're budget theres loads of them out there its just finding the right one and remember go and see a few of them before you buy because there will be loads of sheds and sellers telling you this has been done, its been well looked after and all the other s**t that goes with it, make sure it has up to date service history and that theres proof of any mods done or mapping etc, servicing these cars is really simple and things like oil filter and fuel filter are easily accessible and theres loads of how to sections on here to help you out, happy shopping and we hope to see pics soon 😎👍👍
  3. stuartie

    Boost solenoid help?

    Welcome to the club buddy, i'm not too clued up on the newage impreza but there should definitely be a pipe coming from that port on the boost solenoid, i think it should go to the pipe from the airbox to the turbo, Hope this helps 👍👍
  4. stuartie

    Td05 turbo

    I'm up in scottish borders mate, i can pay postage if you're willing to sell it 🙂
  5. stuartie

    New here, be gentle.

    That looks tidy mate 👍👍
  6. stuartie

    Td05 turbo

    Hi all does anyone have or know where i can get the exhaust housing or a complete td05 top entry turbo for a 1992 v1 wrx, just found a big dirty crack on the exhaust side of my turbo and can't seem to find anything online thats not cheap chinese rubbish with clear casting faults, cheers folks 👍😉
  7. stuartie

    should i remap

    Upgrading the spark plugs is well worth it as they will give you a stronger spark and you'll probs need them for when you get mapped as upping the boost pressure can blow the spark out on normal plugs then you start to get misfires which would mean going away fitting new uprated plugs then having to go get mapped again which all costs pennies 😉👍
  8. stuartie

    New here, be gentle.

    Welcome to the club andy 👍 nice choice of motor you got, i'm not too clued up on the newer sti's so can't really help with tips and tricks however alot of us use, Luke who runs the place really knows his stuff and all the parts are oem straight from subaru so you know they're quality parts, i would say stay away from ebay chinese copy parts as they are cheap for a reason, oh we would like pics of said motor we do like pics here 😉🤞
  9. stuartie

    should i remap

    Could be getting fuel cut if its overboosting with the decat up pipe and exhaust, i had that before mapping and it was like someone putting all the brakes on suddenly
  10. stuartie

    Hello from Germany :)

    Welcome to the club Lucas, try Luke at he should be able to sort you out if they don't have it in stock they will be able to get it 👍
  11. Welcome to the club mate 👍 and to scoob life they do tend to get under you're skin, what model of wrx you got
  12. I would also check the pipes coming from the dpf to the differential pressure sensor as they could split
  13. Depends on how far you would be willing to travel, just had a wee googley and there's a place called cams performance in blackburn who reckon they are scoob specialist so might ne worth a phone call, not sure what they like though so can't recommend them, maybe someone on here has come across them before 👍
  14. stuartie

    a few pics of my project so far

    Agreed the classic is looking ace mate 👍, the bug is looking top notch aswell 😎👍
  15. I would say defo go for it, i got my classic mapped a couple of months ago and what a difference its like night and day and its also using a little less fuel when just pottering about and as @Tidgy says as long as its done properly you should have no problems at all. I'm the same as you and live out in the sticks so had to travel to glasgow to get it done but it was well worth it 😉👍