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  1. Got more done this evening new panel now welded in place, its all coming together nicely 👍
  2. Cheers pal i'm trying to do my best to get in back on the road for the sunshine coming, got a bit more done tonight New metal just tacked in place after we made up a new edge for the inner wing, it's really coming along now 👍
  3. Done a wee bit more today after working in the morning, got the passenger side buffed ready to cut out and weld in new panel Then just some filling and sanding on the drivers side Then a coat of zinc primer Its all starting to come together 👍👍
  4. There's 4 plugs mate 2 each side and i think the plugs are pfrb6 but can't remember off the top of my head, they are import car parts for about £35 👍
  5. Thanks mate, no never got them from Ray as i tried for a couple of days to phone but no answer and you can't buy them through the Facebook page and the website was down for updating so got them on the bay from George Barber panels in Cleveland, according to boys at the work they took over hadrian panels a few years back but not sure if thats true or not, anyway i got a little more done tonight started with the plasma cutter to make up the last part of the inner wing edge Then once that was welded in a covered with a coating of zinc anti corrosion paint the panel was welded in Another coating of zinc paint then a skim of filler and smooth down Still a bit of work to go but it's starting to look better already 👍
  6. Looking good bud will be satisfying to get the engine in and back on the road 👍
  7. We finally got started on the car this evening Started off buy buffing the panel down to the metal then ..... Nice new metal to replace the edge of inner wing which has also rotted away then cut old scabby metal off the car and cut the new panel to size New panel just tacked in place then got hungry so went home for some tea 😉👍👍
  8. I think if your car is fairly standard then ngk platinum heat range 6 or modded and running higher boost heat range 7 icp do them pal 👍
  9. As per your other post i would check out the oil seals on the turbo as i wouldn't think the rings would be away on a fresh built engine 👍
  10. If you have visable oil in the inlet i would get the oil seals in the turbo checked as it sounds like they could be on the way out although a catch can is a good idea, i've a v1 wrx and i'm running more than stock boost pressure and don't have a catch can fitted yet and have no smoke or oil in the inlet so if you already have the new turbo to fit i would maybe get that on and clean out the inlet and see how it goes from there 👍
  11. If you think it's misfiring then coilpack is a good shout also the newage one's are alot better than the ones that the early classics use, i definitely felt a difference especially lower in the rev range the engine seems to run smoother, it seems a bit strange to me that it's only happening when the engine is hot as i would have thought it would do it even when its cold, it's really hard to try and diagnose a fault when you're not there to see it happening but you won't go wrong with the coil packs upgrade 👍
  12. This is the site i used when converting my coil packs I'm sure a got a full set of them from the bay with the pigtail wires already on for about £90 👍
  13. Yeah i upgraded the coil packs on mine when i had the engine out and they were really easy to wire in i've still got the destructions somewhere I'll dig them out and post it for you so you have something to reference to 👍
  14. I think you'll have a coil pack on each cylinder so if one was starting to fail you would get a misfire, if you take them off one by one and check if there are any cracks in the outer casing as that can cause the spark to arc off the cam covers