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  1. Depends on how far you would be willing to travel, just had a wee googley and there's a place called cams performance in blackburn who reckon they are scoob specialist so might ne worth a phone call, not sure what they like though so can't recommend them, maybe someone on here has come across them before 👍
  2. stuartie

    a few pics of my project so far

    Agreed the classic is looking ace mate 👍, the bug is looking top notch aswell 😎👍
  3. I would say defo go for it, i got my classic mapped a couple of months ago and what a difference its like night and day and its also using a little less fuel when just pottering about and as @Tidgy says as long as its done properly you should have no problems at all. I'm the same as you and live out in the sticks so had to travel to glasgow to get it done but it was well worth it 😉👍
  4. stuartie

    Rear Led Fog Light - a mind of its own!

    I would agree with mambas last post it does sound like the rear fog is getting a live feed from somewhere, have you tried pulling the fuse for the rear fog while the normal lights are on to see if it still stays on 😉👍
  5. stuartie

    Finally been mapped

    Thats as near as makes no difference 1000miles since i done the head gaskets and got mapped and i'm happy to report not one bit of oil or coolant has been used, the car pulls really well in all gears and boosts as it should so all in all i'm really happy with the results 😉👍
  6. stuartie

    1st anniversary!!

    Welcome to the club mate 😉👍
  7. stuartie

    I bought my first Subaru. Hi!

    Welcome to the club mate thats a tidy leggy 😉👍
  8. stuartie

    Hello from Aberdeen

    Welcome to the club mate nice looking motor you have there 😉👍
  9. stuartie

    Hello from Ireland

    Welcome to the club mate thats a nice looking blobeye 😉👍
  10. Welcome to the club mate 👍, i agree with Geoff the white one is lovely 😉👍
  11. RA motorsport in perth have a good rep mate could give them a shout 😉👍
  12. stuartie

    Outback warning lights.

    Did you manage to get to the bottom of this mate also i see your in falkirk just up the road from me, I've got a mate who lives in stenhousemuir who has a blobeye sti type uk 😉👍
  13. stuartie

    Finally - 2006 WRX STi (PPP)

    Welcome to the club mate nice looking motor you have there 😉👍
  14. No problem buddy, i would say though its all about personal choice i know a few folk that have switchable maps so really its what ever takes your fancy 😉👍
  15. Welcome to scotland mate Glasgow is a wonderful city with great people with a great sense of humour 😉, i would say head up to loch lowmond and the trossachs as there's some cracking roads and scenery and its not that far outside of Glasgow also if you fancy a run even further up north head up the north west by fort William theres a place called applecross and theres only two ways to get there a boring A road or a tight twisty mountain road with tunnels through the hills but take a couple of jerry cans as theres no petrol stations out that way, scoobs sound awesome through the tunnels 😉👍