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  1. Can you not claim through your insurance, i think its £75 excess but it not affect no claims where as buying a new one would easy be a couple of hundred quid and i'm sure they bonded in so would have to get someone to fit it
  2. Welcome, i would go for the sti between 03 and 05 the blobeye mate,the sti has a stronger engine and 6spd box and dccd i think and better suspension , 06 onwards have the 2.5 engine which are more prone to ringland failure so you would have to have a oh s**t fund on the go for a rebuild however if it has been forged then its a very good engine, they pretty easy to tune and modify and quite a few places for mapping just depends on how deep your pockets are how far you want to go also dead easy to get parts for, alot of us use importcarparts and they are very reasonable for oem parts 👍👍
  3. Yeah scoobs really dont like being stood around for ages it's not good, you should change the oil and filter at least once a year as oil degrades over time and becomes less effective
  4. Today was epic mate real shame you couldn't make it the racing was quality and most of the incidents happen near or next to us at the chicane, was thinking of going up to the smrc on 6th october, would be a good reason to meet up again and hopefully @CboatsTerzo327 will be able to come aswell and anyone else is more than welcome 👍👍
  5. @ROSSCOSM was good to see you today at the track the car is looking good, hope you all had a good day especially your wee lad he did look like he was loving it 👍
  6. Yeah you can still pay on the gate pal 👍
  7. Its the 14th/15th buddy, would be good to see the freshly done motor coz its looking smart you've done well 👍
  8. Thats looking mint mate 👍
  9. Aye what happens is you get a briefing before you go out then you get 5 laps in the type r with an instructor telling you what gear to be in for each corner and what line to take and when to turn in for the apex and he/she will mark you on all those things then you go out in another type r with the instructor driving and they'll show you what happens if you go in too fast and stuff like that then its in to the single seater for 10 laps then a debrief at the end where they go through your driving and how you got on but i missed that bit as i was doing my extra laps, we were there for a good few hours coz there were loads of folk there 👍
  10. You have to do it mate, the single seaters were awesome they have a 1.8 audi engine in them with a 4 speed manual box, i got lucky coz my mrs paid for on board video and the boy forgot to put the camera on the car so i got to go out twice 👍
  11. Yeah i have already prepared my self for the hidden tin worm buddy but at least I'll be keeping another classic on the road and it's good to see you're doing the same 👍
  12. I feel your pain mate mines are the same but this winter they getting cut out and replaced, going to buy repair panels from that place on facebook and the blacksmiths at work are going to weld them in for me as they'll do a better job of it than myself 👍
  13. The heater matrix could be blocked bud, when i flushed mine i also took the two hoses that go through bulkhead off and ran the garden hose through it some amount of s**t came out, could be worth a try 👍
  14. Thats true mate but i've seen the stick vtec gets on here lol, tbh its a no bad motor really however to me the i-vtec just changes the engine note and not much else haha 🤣, i must just be used to the boost of the v1 wrx 😁, you'll love the touring cars bud they sound amazing proper loud, i was up there a couple of weeks ago doing a track day in the single seat formula car, was one of the best days i've had on four wheels, will catch up with you there if you want and can have a cuppa and watch some cars flat out, the cichane is one of the best places to watch coz of its dry they hit the big sausage kerb and go up on two wheels for a good few metres its pretty impresive 👍
  15. I'll be there with the mrs bud, going both days as we do every year but won't have the scoob with me unfortunately as need to do the arches they ain't looking too good not holed or anything but still you know what i mean, will be in my new to me daily a fn2 type r ( ducks for cover 🙉) haha, would still be happy to meet up with you on the saturday and have a wee boggle of your motor and a blether pal 👍