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  1. Heads are getting there should hopefully get them back this weekend, the place thats doing them only does the cash jobs on a sarurday as they got lots of engine rebuilds through out the week, can't really complain getting them done for a great price Looking good 😁👍
  2. Blobeye radiator/AC cooler setup

    Not really clued up on the blobeye bit on the classics it is indeed the a/c rad, however you're ment to get a garage to safely empty the gas out of the system before you replace it as its illegal to just let the gas into the atmosphere and it leaves a green dye or whatever colour they put in the refrigerant gas all over the place 👍
  3. Yeah i seen the pic of you're new set of wheels looks good, will this be money pit number 2
  4. Chiles

    Welcome, just do it, do it now 😂 in all honesty we will all be a bit biased here
  5. Thanks savage 👍, i must admit it has been a real pleasure so far apart from the broken banjo and watching as the blacksmith at work set about getting it out i had to turn away at one point as he was welding a nut on to get it out thought i was going to turn around and the head was just going to be a melted alloy blob on the bench 😂, i have also broken off the little vacuum pipe to the fpr but not to worried about that as have piping at the workshop which will fit, i will keep updating when the heads return and i begin to rebuild 😉👍
  6. Recent Fuel Economy

    Nice write up there matt, i have been looking at a few of these, going to be replacing my daily mondildo tdci estate soonish as the kids are getting a bit older and no need for an estate anymore and my annual mileage has reduced quite alot, the only other thing that has been putting me off abit is the 2.5 engine worrys 👍
  7. Me likes savage, looks tasty 😉👍
  8. New member to the forum 👍

    Welcome to the club nice motor you have there 😉👍
  9. Dropped the heads off at the engineers today for skimming, decoke and valve grinding/reseating also managed to get the broken banjo out with a little heat and weld which was a relief, should get the heads back next week then its time for the rebuild 😁👍
  10. Drivers side rear vent window

    Yeah glass is pretty expensive, can you not get it replaced through you're insurance i'm not sure but i don't think it affect no claims
  11. Got the heads off today straight after work, getting them skimmed and the valves ground and re-seated hopefully this weekend Couldn't really see any fault with the gaskets however all the coolant channels are full of rusty gunk so will get its all washed out and sparkly clean so that can only be a good thing, i have ran in to a slight problem though the banjo bolt which holds on the coolant pipe at the rear of the right hand head just above the oil return from the turbo is rotten and has broken off in to the head see pic Does anyone have any ideas of how to remove it, steel bolts in to alloy seem to have a tendency to be pretty tight, i was either going to put it in the parts washer at work and hope the heat will expand the alloy or give it to the blacksmiths and see if they can do anything with it, any other suggestions would be gratefully received 😉👍
  12. Recent Impreza

    Welcome to the club 👍
  13. 2018 brz ts This looks pretty tasty shame its only limited to 500 and not released in the uk
  14. First time owner

    Welcome to the club 😉👍
  15. Project Moff - 600BHP R33 GTS-t

    Welcome to s.o.c bud thats a bit of a beast you have there 👍