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  1. Not really clued up on the outbacks but it could be the duel mass flywheel if it has one fitted, that would give you a judder through the car as you lift off the clutch
  2. Also try Adrian flux, thats who i have my import insured through and over the past few years i've had no problems at all with them 👍
  3. Wow never seen one of those before must be pretty rare glwts 👍
  4. Welcome, i have a v1 wrx and to get up to over 300bhp you will need to fit bigger injectors, the original injectors should be grey 380cc i think which max out around 280bhp so will have to get a set of yellow 440cc which will allow you to get to over the 300 mark, i'm unsure about the newage intercooler mod as i've never done that but i'm sure you could get the v2 intercooler re-cored just like a radiator, samco make good quality hoses in all sorts of colours but not sure why some kits have 12 and others have 8 aux hoses, a panel filter will do for the power you are trying to achieve as cone filters are really for if you were going for silly power levels, hks, forge or gfb make decent dump valves and i have an esl board in my car fitted to a z4 ecu and all seems to be fine the engine still runs great and is producing around 300bhp with no problems at all so far 👍
  5. Is it a small pipe coming from the inlet manifold to the T piece and is it the T piece thats broken
  6. They look like cheap chinese copies budand at the end of the day you will get what you pay for but as siluro says would you rather pay a little more for a decent turbo or alot on an engine rebuild, if i were you i would be looking for a genuine second hand turbo, I'm not that experienced with the turbos for the newage stuff but something like a vf sti one would probs do and for the sake of another £100 you would have that piece of mind that it's not going to explode and ruin the engine 👍
  7. I got the paint from a local paint shop who supply my work with stuff mate, was back at it again today, went over the whole car with 3000 sanding pads using my polisher as it has variable speed Then over with some cutting compound and after that some autoglym super resin polish, this is how we look now outside in the light Looks ok but there are a few spots where it looks a bit dull so will have to go over again with the compound and polish to brighten it up, just need to put it all back together now 😉👍
  8. Welcome to the club buddy 👍, lovely looking motor you have there sounds like you have some decent plans in mind
  9. Cheers lads, went back to it on saturday and there were a few runs of clear coat and a few dry spots so i flattened down all the runs and went over the whole car again with clear and this is how it looked out in the cold light of day this morning There is a little orange peel which i will get rid of with some 3000 grit wet and dry then polish, overall i am pretty chuffed with it considering it was just in the workshop with the heating on to get the place cozy and i've only painted the odd panel here and there on the trucks and its the first time i have painted a whole car 😁👍👍
  10. Nearly there now, went from this To how it looks now It's looking not bad if i do say so myself 😉😉, although there are a couple of little runs which i will take out with some wet and dry, then just need to go over it with the polisher and some fine cutting compound to flatten back then over with the polish to bring up the shine 😃👍
  11. Cheers buddy, to be perfectly honest i think it was just pure luck none of the clips broke but i have found out that along the roof there are little pegs which the clips slide in to, i think what you're ment to do is use those trim removal tools and unclip it at the front and rear windows starting at the bottom of the trim then slide the whole trim along towards the rear (i think ) to free them from the pegs and the ones along the top of the windscreen and rear window have similar clips but they unclipped from the trim itself then slide the individual clips along to take them off 👍
  12. Looking awsome as always bud 👍, mine's is looking a bit sorry for itself just now, i've nearly got it all ready for paint just all the wee fiddly bits to rub down
  13. It's been a while now so thought i would update the thread. Been working contantly since all the madness started as we are having to try keep all the bin lorries, nhs vans and carers cars on the road but i have managed to sneak in a little scoob time, the blacksmith has now finished the arches and i've filled and smoothed off the joins where the new metal has been welded in, i've also cut that daft spikey thing off the roof which then revealed a few little dings in the roof so got a loan of one of they sliding hammer kits with the different size ends which glue to the panel then just twist off Then i removed roof and window trims with out breaking any of the clips 😁, then spent a few evening's and a couple of Saturday's rubbing the whole thing down ready for paint I will be removing the bonnet scoop, rear spoiler, front splitter and bumper and side window trims but as the trims also hold the window rubbers i will have to wait until i can get it in the workshop coz don't want it to **** down with rain then come in to a soggy interior 👍
  14. You also have hypertech in falkirk, never used them but seem to know their stuff
  15. That sounds like the turbo spooling up to me bud only other way you would get a hissing noise would be a split intercooler hose or cracked intercooler 👍