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Hi folks. I'm new to the club. I run a 2013 Forester 2.0XT. and I'm based in Bedfordshire. My fozzy is a great car. and it's my third Forester. I've had no complaints at all. However I'm looking into how I can get speed camera data onto the speed camera file on the navigation SD card. I believe my Head unit is a Fujitsu 10 with Subaru on the front panel. I recently had a new SD card with mapping from HERE maps but like the original SD card has an empty speed cam folder.  Its not clear on GPS world which file to download so I was wondering if anyone has had success on this issue. 

Cheers 34jimbo.

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2013 Subaru Forester XT Navigation Head unit Fujitsu 10 ref  Speedcams.

 Made some headway on this. Firstly for map updates An 8Gb SD card must be in the head unit. And mapping is supplied by HERE maps through the Subaru tool box. Had some trouble with this as its the original card was a 4Gb . I got a brand new card from HERE maps with the assistance of Subaru customer services. However HERE maps do'nt provide speed camera data. A bit expensive. Over £100.00With regard to speed camera data.I got this from Pocket gps World ( PGPSW ). The file is called Igo. and when it is downloaded select single files. For anyone who wishes to carry this out it is good to be familiar with computers. With the SD card in the SD slot check to see there is a file called " speedcam " as this is where the downloaded data will go.

 On the C drive or somewhere convenient create a folder and call it speedcam temp.

Register with PGPSW  and after subscribing £19.99 select the speed cameras tab. In the drop down box select download speedcams. then click on Igo Format: UK - Single file with all cameras ( compressed fie ).  Save this in speedcam temp. It will then need to be unzipped. 

The unzipped file is then dragged or copied and put into the SD card speedcam folder. Job done apart from  On the Head unit select Map – Settings – More -   warnings and sound then go down the list selecting as desired. 

Hope this helps anyone who wishes to try it. N:B When approaching cameras the sound is muter if you are under the speed limit but louder if over the speed limit.

Cheers 34Jimbo.

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