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The Addlestone Forester


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Hey Guys,

I'm Andy from Addlestone - bought my first (98)Forester back in October '17, and loving it!

First time I've felt compelled to buy axle stands and get under a car since owning a veedub camper back in the early '80s!

My '98 Forester is a manual petrol non-turbo, with 78K on the clock.

I use it for work, and to keep costs down, want to do as much work on it as I can before phoning the local mechanic.

As you may notice from the pic, we have a sagging butt, and that is with coil assistors fitted, so next major purchase will be some ezyfit suspension units.

Good to be here.

2017-12-30 14.00.34.jpg

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Use kyb struts and suplex springs and it cost about £210

use kyb springs and it about £260

kyb struts

kyb springs

suplex springs


Easy job if drop link bolts not rusted mess and brake lines separate and reusable .

Will make huge difference to ride and handling as yours totally collapsed .

looks tidy for a 98, have fun with your classic station wagon  ...

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