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Turbo oil feed line


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Hey up I'm after some advice I feel possible. I'm upgrading my 2003wrx to a VF 35 turbo plus all sti mods.  Can somebody please advise on the oil feed line do I buy a new with new banjo bolt and does it need to be a sti oil feed line do they differ the info online is a little sparadic ur help would be appreciated pretty new to the forum cheers 

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I know that the tdo4 banjo bolt, oil and water lines differ from the tdo5's ones but fortunately my old tdo5 came with everything needed .

I recently upgraded to a stock location gt28 and didn't have any idea whether i needed a more restrictive, less restrictive or the same size banjo bolt as the td05's one [emoji53]

I didn't want to take a chance on fitting the wrong size banjo bolt as to little flow and you'll run the turbo core dry and cause a spike in engine oil pressure . To much flow and you'll pop the turbo core seals and reduce engine oil pressure .

So to be on the safe side , I bought a kinugwa fitting kit , which was cheap (even incl the import tax) and although its less than half the price of uk suppliers, its been working fine for 10 k miles .

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