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What immobiliser is this ? *HELP


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Its a bit of a long shot, but I'm hoping someone may be able to help me,
Completely new to the scene, I've just purchased my first Subaru Impreza! By the looks of it, it has an aftermarket immobiliser fitted!

They key as you can see is fu%cked, it still works, but could do will a new housing, if thats possible!

So, my questions are as follows-
Is this an after market immobiliser ?
if so, does anyone know the make, model of it & where I could get a new housing from ?




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breakers or eBay cheapest route .

it basically sigma alarm so same style sigma fob branded sigma will do you .

do come up cheapish new at times on eBay, had them under £25 at times .

be sure you know your 4 digit alarm pin, if not sort it asap and while you have a working remote .

plenty threads with m30 alarm manual and on resetting pin code if needed ...

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