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Child Lock Stuck on


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Hey all,

As the title suggests. One of the Child locks for the rear doors is stuck on, I didn't notice it until recently... as I typically sit up front like a big boy.

The toggle to switch it on and off seems jammed in the on position, and I don't want to force it for fear of breaking it further. Anyone had this issue before and have an easy fix or am I going to have to pull the doorcard off and see whats happening?


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Hi, I found this thread using Google and have the same issue, except now worse. The child lock on the rear right door of my 2013 Crosstrek was stuck in the engaged position. The child lock on the rear left door worked without issue, so I pushed on the right lock and the plastic switch snapped off (photo).

The is the first trouble I've had with my Crosstrek, but is seems to be a common issue on other Subaru models based on forums I have read.

Has anyone managed to repair a stuck child lock on a Subaru? If so, please share.


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So I can't remember how I fixed this (Doh!) That does however mean it can't have been too difficult. 

I expect I would have done a lot of spraying with WD40 and probably a lot of locking unlocking while wiggling the child lock and pulling the handle. I might have pulled the door card off, but honestly I don't remember. You'll probably just have to do the wiggling with a screwdriver as the stalk has broken. 

Good luck I hope you get it fixed. 

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