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Deceleration Noise - Reviving an old topic


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Hi all,

Sorry if this has been covered before in an old thread. I couldn’t find anything more current with any explanation as to what’s going on.

So I have an 03 Wrx blobeye and it has started making a sort of whining noise on deceleration in third gear. Eveverything else seems fine in terms of power etc. But when pressing accelerator hard down before boost it makes a sort of whining whoosh, then when decelerating with no throttle it also does it, its normally from about 3000-2000 rpm there abouts. 

Other forums have said it could be diff, heat shields, delta between tyre pressures, clutch, among other things.

I have pasted a link for a video that shows the sound, any info would be very much appreciated. Any questions please ask, there’s probably a lot I haven’t covered, I’m no expert.


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