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  1. Bugger, not really what I'm looking for I am willing to go 70/30 on a winning ticket if that sweetens the deal any? Loud pipes save lives
  2. Not strictly today but forgot to post it up. Got to this point over the weekend then stopped to enjoy the sun and a few cold beverages. Will hopefully get back on it this week get it pulled and find out what damage is done, then I can start working on a rebuild spec and figure out what order is best to rob the local banks in Loud pipes save lives
  3. Does any one happen to have a set they ain't using? [emoji23][emoji85] Loud pipes save lives
  4. Doesn't think it's running cold does it? Loud pipes save lives
  5. Start with the cheap stuff, check for any leaks, post mass air flow, and pre lambda sensor, check breathers etc etc Loud pipes save lives
  6. Same as above, I use Halfords. I don't really think there is good or bad coolant providing it's mixed to the right strength Hth Loud pipes save lives
  7. I went with a Mishimoto in my 54 plate STi, great bit of kit. Hth Loud pipes save lives
  8. Well finally got round to making a start today, engine is ready to lift out, everything is disconnected it's just a bit tight on the bellhousing dowels, but that's for another day, missed the heat of the day stuck in the garage, so I think the rest of the weekend will be spent in the garden not the garage Loud pipes save lives
  9. It's looking that way [emoji24] Loud pipes save lives
  10. Found what's happened, idler has pulled threads out of the block [emoji85] Loud pipes save lives
  11. Coolant leak is least of my worries now [emoji24], think the engine just let go [emoji85] Loud pipes save lives
  12. Damn sight better day than I've had with mine [emoji24] Loud pipes save lives
  13. Sooooo relieved it's unreal! Loud pipes save lives
  14. Filled up coolant and gearbox, took it down a "Private road" and she goes like the clappers again!! Tooth on the timing made all the difference! Got a minor coolant leak some where that I'll look at over the weekend, brakes are a bit meh after using other cars for a few months they really have shown them selves up, so need to look at them too. Best news tho, NO ENGINE KNOCK!!!!!! So much for a rebuild lol Loud pipes save lives
  15. Fairly productive afternoon, scoobie is rebuilt, off to filler her up with coolant and water after my tea, also sorted my gearbox oil leak, snap ring on the shaft hadnt seated correctly when I put my shaft back in(giggerdy), 10min job and hey presto, at this rate she will be back on the open road tonight Loud pipes save lives
  16. So these arrived at the start of the week, along with a new stat, gonna try get it together Monday/Tue night fingers crossed Loud pipes save lives
  17. Welcome to the club, smart looking blob that Loud pipes save lives
  18. Ordered bits so I can put mine back together, now I just need to find some time, working away next week, then boyos birthday next weekend so might be weekend after that [emoji85] Loud pipes save lives
  19. I'm very much a function over form kinda guy, so it kinda suits my taste like that anyway haha Loud pipes save lives
  20. It's a busy but functional bay, I like it!!! Loud pipes save lives
  21. Welcome to the nut house Loud pipes save lives
  22. I'll be honest, I thought ccuk was Celica club uk Loud pipes save lives
  23. They look bang on mate! Loud pipes save lives
  24. Happy days, cheers buddy Loud pipes save lives
  25. Not so much of a plan, as much of just wing it, there was a knock, but if you YouTube Impreza tensioners knocking it's very similar to what I was experiencing (I wasn't aware of this issue till after I'd stripped it so couldn't really "test" it As you say, correct timing and compression check, not got a locking tool, relying on good old paint pen(it's not failed me yet in 12years lol) Hopefully will be able to get the extra bits I need at the end of the month and get her back together , well finger crossed I will anyway! Loud pipes save lives