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    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    I've done a few sets of plugs on Impreza so far an never really had an issue, I tend to crack them off with a 1/2", then just use a 3/8's and short extension to "finger"(ooer missus) them out Loud pipes save lives
  2. I'd personally let it sit a run with the header tank cap off, with the blowers on hot and flat out, wait till it starts warming up so your know the coolant is moving round, try "burping" the rad pipes by giving them a squeeze (carefully they will be hot) Then when it doesn't seem to warm up any more(won't reach full operating temp) refit the cap back on and take for a drive like you did and see if it's cured it. Failing that take it back to the garage that fit the rad Hope that's helps Loud pipes save lives
  3. So there is a small chance it could of just been a airlock from some trapped air somewhere in the system Loud pipes save lives
  4. Has it done many miles since rad got changed? Loud pipes save lives
  5. mattiekane

    6 speed dccd in 02 WRX

    I've not done this but by your symptoms it sounds like the centre diff is locking up once warmed up and not allowing for one of the axles(front or rear) to turn faster in tight turns Loud pipes save lives
  6. mattiekane

    a few pics of my project so far

    That's what the little zip pocket is for inside women's handbags Loud pipes save lives
  7. mattiekane

    a few pics of my project so far

    Can we have a subsection in the cars bit for fords [emoji23] Loud pipes save lives Sorry, hijacking your thread a bit here
  8. mattiekane

    a few pics of my project so far

    Pretty much how I feel at the moment, also driving a ford Loud pipes save lives
  9. mattiekane

    Novice seeking help

    Fuel filter, possibly collapsing Loud pipes save lives
  10. mattiekane

    2nd Impreza

    welcome to the mother ship crazy, you don't have to be mad to be here....but it helps
  11. mattiekane

    Project unknown

    So, where do i start? i guess, from the beginning....... I bought a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi with 84k on the clock, well looked after, clean in good condition, never raced or rallied, one middle aged owner......... and a couple of other owners that where not.... During my ownership i have cleaned the STi..... I have drove the STi..... i took it to TOTB.... i also took it to scoobyfest..... i also had some fun in the snow.... then things started to brake..... Got the new brakes on, new rad fitted, then the clutch started slipping so i threw in a paddle clutch, and just when i thought i may get a few miles of trouble free motoring... Knock Knock..... no its not a joke, there is something inside the engine that knocking to get out so ive decided that rather than wait for it to make its own door through the block ill pull the lump and find out whats going. so, this is where i leave the thread for now, 3(ish) years of ownership have brought us to this point...............
  12. mattiekane

    Project unknown

    Probably going to build it myself, not overly keen on paying other people to do stuff lol Loud pipes save lives
  13. mattiekane

    Project unknown

    I was thinking of replacing the crank regardless, partly cos im very tempted by going 2.1, but then I think what's the point may as well just go standard crank, as you say its good for 700bhp-ish, so maybe conrods and piston upgrade just to future proof, chances are it wont get over 400-450bhp, but if I'm already in there, why not. but then if imp doing that I should really source a closed deck block other wise its a waste of money if there is still a "weak link" (The block). so I think:- Closed deck standard crank upgraded rods and pistons oil pump gaskets etc etc I have a new water pump and timing belt as it was about due one anyway.
  14. mattiekane

    Hi everybody

    welcome to the club! and good luck with the rebuild. im just about to enter this adventure myself
  15. mattiekane

    New Subaru owner

    welcome to the club!! show us what you got..... and maybe the scooby too if your feeling that way out
  16. mattiekane

    Paul new member

    Welcome to the club mate, good luck in your new adventure!!
  17. mattiekane

    Loud when hitting boost

    So, the main reason for an exhaust upgrade, other than releasing the awesome Subaru sound, is to give the engine better breathing, the faster you can remove exhaust gasses the faster you can get clean air in. Removing the rear silencers create a less restrictive flow and changes the characteristics of the exhaust. So you are going to experience new noises from it like turbo spool due to the fact its not been muffled by the exhaust anymore, and not just the Subaru rumble. As Tidgy said, if it's been checked over and there is nothing leaking/split, then this is just part of the characteristic of the altered exhaust, if you change the mid pipe you will more than likely find it will change again. Loud pipes save lives
  18. mattiekane

    Actually quite an old member...

    Welcome back to the fold, we must have just missed each other when you left/i joined, good to see another Impreza in the hands of somebody that cares!!
  19. mattiekane

    New Member :) First Subaru

    welcome to the club. As above, what you got?
  20. mattiekane

    Loud when hitting boost

    do you by and chance have a bung(s?) for the exhaust, if so might be worth fitting to see if there is any difference? What have you upgraded the exhaust to?
  21. mattiekane

    JDM Forester, UK Fuel?

    I had a Celica GT4 St205 import for a number years, and i just ran it on Shell VPower with no issues. i know most people run vpower with no dramas but i guess the only way you are going to get full peace of mind is to get it on the rollers and set up for the fuel you will be using. Hope that helps, Mattie
  22. mattiekane

    Project unknown

    oh yeah, looks like hes timed it up then done up the tensioner. ooops, i assume there was nothing damaged and just a timing adjustment required?
  23. mattiekane

    Project unknown

    It's sat at around 119k now, so got a few miles out of her, but you know how it when something breaks, it's never enough lol I think I've resigned myself to a rebuild, just not sure what spec etc yet Loud pipes save lives
  24. mattiekane

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    forgot to update this the other day, engine started knocking, so its sat in the corner of the yard feeling sorry for its self till im back from working away, flipping cars eh. i guess on the plus side, its and excuse to play some more with it. "Cheaper than buying another car...." is the line i've used on the wife and she seems to have gone with it, so we will see what happens
  25. mattiekane

    misfire and codes

    Was it a genuine part or copy part, I've had a few issues lately with copy parts, lambda sensors etc Loud pipes save lives