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  1. Happy days, cheers buddy Loud pipes save lives
  2. Not so much of a plan, as much of just wing it, there was a knock, but if you YouTube Impreza tensioners knocking it's very similar to what I was experiencing (I wasn't aware of this issue till after I'd stripped it so couldn't really "test" it As you say, correct timing and compression check, not got a locking tool, relying on good old paint pen(it's not failed me yet in 12years lol) Hopefully will be able to get the extra bits I need at the end of the month and get her back together , well finger crossed I will anyway! Loud pipes save lives
  3. I've got black diamond drilled and grooved on mine, no issues so far and they have been on for nearly 2 years Loud pipes save lives
  4. So, got the front of the engine pulled down the other week, found the timing out a tooth, no reason why from what I can see, also can belt tensioner not looking overly great, have a cambelt kit with water pump that's been waiting to go on, so going to fit it all(tensioner included) and go from there, just need to find the time now todo it Loud pipes save lives
  5. Phew, it's not just me then! Genuinely thought I was loosing the plot or had missed something! Loud pipes save lives
  6. Just seems odd that 4 weeks after an MOT you need an engine rebuild on a car that's not driven very often. I may be missing something but that's just my thoughts and opinion on it. (I'm am aware that opinions are like arseholes, every one has one and they all stink) Loud pipes save lives
  7. Just doesn't all add up right to me personally, but hey oh Loud pipes save lives
  8. Any way, sorry, off topic there I'm sure there will be some one along before long that has the answer you seek [emoji106] Loud pipes save lives
  9. Mine wouldn't go through with a poor injector pattern, let alone completely off a cylinder Loud pipes save lives
  10. I'd be asking questions, would of thought a fueling issue would of been picked up on mot Loud pipes save lives
  11. Just seems odd to me that a car you have driven for 2 years, had quite a major fault you where not aware of [emoji85] Loud pipes save lives
  12. How did you miss it only running on 3? [emoji85] Loud pipes save lives