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  1. Thought I should really do something with it, so made a fresh cuppa, sat down and day dreamt the day away [emoji85], the joys of having a sick child and a dog possible knocking on death's door Loud pipes save lives
  2. She's looking smart!! Loud pipes save lives
  3. She's gleeming mate!! Loud pipes save lives
  4. Welcome to the club mate! Loud pipes save lives
  5. Keep ummming and arrrring about paint my wheels a nice bright colour, you may have swayed the boat [emoji15][emoji16] lol Welcome back too!! Loud pipes save lives
  6. It's will end up been Plan A, but will also be version 28, 39th revision, 12th uplift with potential for change [emoji23] Loud pipes save lives
  7. My aim is for next summer, gonna spend the winter playing, fettling and faffing around with it all, will see what it ends up like in a few months lol Loud pipes save lives
  8. Replacement and some goodies [emoji16] Thanks @savagebulldog for the direction towards the engine!!! Loud pipes save lives
  9. Some of the damage done to the engine! Loud pipes save lives
  10. Would you get away with trimming the back edge(removing the worst of the damage) and fiberglass reinforcement over the back of the crack(Giggerdy)? Loud pipes save lives
  11. Looking good so far!! Loud pipes save lives
  12. Cheers buddy, I've not pulled the engine to bits yet but fair sure at least one of the heads is goosed Loud pipes save lives
  13. All sorted now buddy, he's going to organise it all for me haha Loud pipes save lives
  14. Is any one traveling from bury st edmunds to North Yorkshire (Thirsk/Northallerton area) that wants to earn a few extra monies? Need an engine moving [emoji16] Loud pipes save lives
  15. Bump, still on the hunt for the right engine Loud pipes save lives