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  1. Engine up on the stand Loud pipes save lives
  2. So, today wasn't productive in getting the engine in the car so much as moving the engine from my garage to the garage that had the car in, along with my engine hoist, engine stand and tool box, it turns out that a flat 4 will fit in the boot of a mini And so will a engine hoist In other positive news I've had a good look at this engine now and it would appear the water pump has been replaced recently (along with timing belt and tensioner etc etc) And the valves also look pretty straight too, well alot straighter than the ones in the other engine Loud pipes save lives
  3. It's to go on a Lexus GS300 2JZ GE with a turbo conversion, it's a feisty beast lol Loud pipes save lives
  4. So it's been a slow few days due to been away and various other things going on, but did manage to steal a couple of hours to give the bay a spruce up a little, wipe round with a cloth an some degreaser Whilst I was potting around I found the spare turbo for the drift car and just thought I'd share it with you (VF35 on left) (Gt45 with a 98mm compressor wheel and a 77.5mm exhaust wheel) Loud pipes save lives
  5. The whole interior would benifit from an good scrubbing out anyway, I'll see what tomorrow bring, bit atm I'm not feeling this off grey look to it [emoji848] Loud pipes save lives
  6. Apart from waxoil, this is as far as I'm going with it. Engine next... Loud pipes save lives
  7. So this is where I'm at, it's pretty much ready to weld in, then I can lather on the protection. Hopefully tomorrow that will be all done and I can turn my attention to the replacement engine and start getting that prepared to go back in, question is, do I power wash the bay out before the engine goes back in? [emoji848][emoji848] Loud pipes save lives
  8. Unfortunately more than once [emoji2361] Loud pipes save lives
  9. Love that engine hoist picture, it's so true [emoji23] Loud pipes save lives
  10. And in other good news I stumbled across my missing bolts!! Woohoo!! Loud pipes save lives
  11. Yesterday was a weird one due to child care issues but managed to get a bit done, not much to write about so I'll just leave the pictures todo the talking.... Loud pipes save lives
  12. Cheers buddy, yeah I didn't want to waste an opportunity like this, an I must admit, I was shocked how bad it was and I'd urge anyone and everyone to either check theirs properly or have it check properly, as the rest of the car underneath is in pretty good nick!! So I did not expect that at all!! Loud pipes save lives
  13. If you out in here what you have rather than PM it will save you firing messages all over and might gain interest with people that are unsure, just a thought Loud pipes save lives
  14. Today was a messy day, ordered the lower tie bar last night(5pm) and it just turned up now!(4pm) pretty good going by my reckoning. So, rather than sit a stew all day I decided to make a start on at least tarting the front end up a bit So first things first, dropped the front 'C' frame off Needed a bit or love so attacked it with a grinder and flappy paddle, now bear in mind I'm not going for "mint condition" here, just trying to spruce it up a little So that's all ready for some paint throwing at it, may even underseal it too with it been where it is. Then I moved onto the front end and gave that a little TLC as well It all got a good wire brush down and some love, then hit with some hammerite straight to rust, about 3 coats~ Also spent some time doing other things, then as I walked in the door tonight my delivery arrived... Will see how tomorrow goes and see if I can't get the rot cut out etc and at least this new one sat in place! Hope your enjoying the read, and whilst I am a Mechanic I don't work on cars. My stuff is more brute force and ignorance! Lol Loud pipes save lives