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  1. About 10 mins after I posted I realised I was been a idiot and realised haha, cheers any way buddy Loud pipes save lives
  2. Where does this connect to? Loud pipes save lives
  3. I've done that with a few, lucky I had bought new inlet and exhaust gaskets, studs and nuts. It's just the other important bits I forgot about haha Loud pipes save lives
  4. It's definitely getting closer, just learning how many little bits I'm missing, banjo washers for the turbo to name 1 lol [emoji2361] Loud pipes save lives
  5. Yesterday was a busy day, finally got round to doing a bit on the replacement engine, any way, started the day with what is essentially a short engine and finished the day with an engine about ready to drop in.... Loud pipes save lives
  6. Engine up on the stand Loud pipes save lives
  7. So, today wasn't productive in getting the engine in the car so much as moving the engine from my garage to the garage that had the car in, along with my engine hoist, engine stand and tool box, it turns out that a flat 4 will fit in the boot of a mini And so will a engine hoist In other positive news I've had a good look at this engine now and it would appear the water pump has been replaced recently (along with timing belt and tensioner etc etc) And the valves also look pretty straight too, well alot straighter than the ones in the other engine Loud pipes save lives
  8. It's to go on a Lexus GS300 2JZ GE with a turbo conversion, it's a feisty beast lol Loud pipes save lives
  9. So it's been a slow few days due to been away and various other things going on, but did manage to steal a couple of hours to give the bay a spruce up a little, wipe round with a cloth an some degreaser Whilst I was potting around I found the spare turbo for the drift car and just thought I'd share it with you (VF35 on left) (Gt45 with a 98mm compressor wheel and a 77.5mm exhaust wheel) Loud pipes save lives
  10. The whole interior would benifit from an good scrubbing out anyway, I'll see what tomorrow bring, bit atm I'm not feeling this off grey look to it [emoji848] Loud pipes save lives
  11. Apart from waxoil, this is as far as I'm going with it. Engine next... Loud pipes save lives
  12. So this is where I'm at, it's pretty much ready to weld in, then I can lather on the protection. Hopefully tomorrow that will be all done and I can turn my attention to the replacement engine and start getting that prepared to go back in, question is, do I power wash the bay out before the engine goes back in? [emoji848][emoji848] Loud pipes save lives
  13. Unfortunately more than once [emoji2361] Loud pipes save lives
  14. Love that engine hoist picture, it's so true [emoji23] Loud pipes save lives
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