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  1. mattiekane


    There is a thing about letting it cool down just idling, it's about the acidic vapour the oil gives off in the cooling process, you better off driving gently as it give chance for the engine, turbo etc to cool down relatively evenly. If you do fit one get a catch can fitted too Loud pipes save lives
  2. mattiekane


    I've lately had similar issues that turned out to be lambda sensor and injectors, by also sounds like it *could* be a mass air flow Loud pipes save lives
  3. mattiekane

    Chepstow white blob/hawk?

    Stopping in Chepstow for work a hear it coming a miles off, was it you?? Loud pipes save lives
  4. mattiekane

    omex rev limiter.

    You can hear it here on mine, even tho the limiter cuts in it pushes through. If your determined Todo this then the 2 wires for the coils you have a splice into with one way diodes then join them together Loud pipes save lives
  5. mattiekane

    omex rev limiter.

    Omex will tell you the same they told me, Subaru is not supported by them and the unit dosent work on them Loud pipes save lives
  6. mattiekane

    omex rev limiter.

    Yeah, wait till you get it remapped and get the mapper to-do it [emoji16], it's a 100% better option Loud pipes save lives
  7. mattiekane

    omex rev limiter.

    Yes, don bother, it's a pita, dosent work right(pushes through the limiter) buggers your lambda sensors. Loud pipes save lives
  8. mattiekane

    Torque app

    Yeah, brand new lambda sensor that was faulty Loud pipes save lives
  9. mattiekane

    MOT fail on emissions

    Just to confirm, have give it a good run out this morning and drives nice again, no hunting, no hiccups and nice and smooth Loud pipes save lives
  10. mattiekane

    MOT fail on emissions

    You an me both, was getting quite stressed with it lol Loud pipes save lives
  11. mattiekane

    Torque app

    All good now buddy, manage to sort it, thanks any way tho!! Loud pipes save lives
  12. mattiekane

    MOT fail on emissions

    Fixed it tonight, swapped lambda sensor back to the old one and hey presto, new one must of been duff Loud pipes save lives
  13. mattiekane

    MOT fail on emissions

    Oh, and the garage tried a maf in but didn't make a difference, that have been through it and can't find a reason for it running the way it is, so I'm going back to the lambda sensors I've fitted, questioning the quality and going to refit the old ones on the off chance the injectors actually fixed the fault but dodgy lambda sensors have introduced and second fault Loud pipes save lives
  14. mattiekane

    Torque app

    Idle on a warm engine preferred [emoji16] Cheers [emoji106] Loud pipes save lives
  15. mattiekane

    MOT fail on emissions

    @savagebulldog What would you take from that lambda sensor reading? Loud pipes save lives