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  1. I'd say it was the lack of space between the exhaust and the bumper myself Loud pipes save lives
  2. Bent the exhaust brackets down so you have a bigger air gap Loud pipes save lives
  3. Do you use any products on your face rug? Loud pipes save lives
  4. So, Subaru drivers get grief for been vapers(which I am), But what about bearded men(I am also one), and enthusiasts here? Loud pipes save lives
  5. Sounds alot like a plan [emoji106] Loud pipes save lives
  6. If it's just clear coat damage would it not machine polish out? May save yourself a fortune [emoji848] Loud pipes save lives
  7. Haha From the picture it looks in better shape than my blob [emoji85] Loud pipes save lives
  8. But of course that's only an issue on track days [emoji6][emoji23] Must admit, a good clay bar polish n wax makes a huge difference Loud pipes save lives
  9. Some of our work vans have limiters and they are just dangerous! As said above, they premote bullying and forcing into lanes, tail backs why over taking. All the vans where limited at the same place but none of them are the same speed, anything up to 2 mph difference, which doesn't sound much but it is! I've also been made aware that these GPS limiters consider slip roads as 60mph zones and it's not till your on the motorway it jumps to 70mph...accident waiting to happen if you ask me... I massively disagree with the limiters. 100mph limiter i could get on board with but what is proposed is just playground thinking. Loud pipes save lives
  10. It varies from place to place on how strict they are, if I can't get in my usual place then fitting an exhaust bung is usually enough to keep them happy, as for other mods, most places are fine as long as they ain't dangerous Loud pipes save lives
  11. Oooops, fair to say they are bent [emoji85] And a non bent one for a comparison Loud pipes save lives
  12. I'm sticking with heat soak into the oil causing it to expand and giving you a false reading Loud pipes save lives
  13. That's epic for all the wrong reasons!! Loud pipes save lives
  14. Awesome!!! Big question is, what's next for her? Loud pipes save lives
  15. Hth [emoji16] Loud pipes save lives