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  1. Again, don't qoute me, but I'd say yes with the cage fitted Loud pipes save lives
  2. I think(don't qoute me) that factory roll cage(assuming it has foam covered feet and STi stamped in) is a very rare item!! Oh and welcome to the club! Loud pipes save lives
  3. Where abouts are you? Interesting one this, I'd love to get my hands on it and have a butchers, hope you get to the bottom of it soon!! Loud pipes save lives
  4. Ooooh [emoji848] Loud pipes save lives
  5. I do believe WRC cars have to abide by road laws, what with them been road legal to drive between stages etc, so I'll be interested to see how this pans out. Just a quick one on DPF's, it's not the removal that's causing the black smoke, it's the smokey map been put on that causes that. I have a few friends (Honestly, I do have friends) that have de-dpf'ed cars and are not smokey at all [emoji106] Loud pipes save lives
  6. I'm extremely sorry to hear this! I'm sure there will be people along that will aid you in your quest! Loud pipes save lives
  7. Wipe it all down, fire it up and stick you head under and watch lol Loud pipes save lives
  8. What's everyone's thoughts...... Loud pipes save lives
  9. +1 on savage for the boards Failing that, a low profile "race" jack works Loud pipes save lives
  10. Unfortunately due to my Impreza going catastrophically wrong I need to sell this project up. I'm going to definitely regret selling it but I have no other option. If any one could share this about for me as well that would be greatly appreciated. Cheers guys! Matt Loud pipes save lives
  11. Aye up, is tha Yorkshire lad? Loud pipes save lives
  12. I'd say it was the lack of space between the exhaust and the bumper myself Loud pipes save lives
  13. Bent the exhaust brackets down so you have a bigger air gap Loud pipes save lives