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Window guide removal, cleaning or renewing on a classic


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I started taking the drivers door off to change the speakers and thought I’d tackle the cause of the scratches that appear on every classic over time.

Start by taking the plastic cover, window switch panel and door handle surround off8726D37E-95D3-4421-8E54-DB5BFBA650D4.thumb.jpeg.b35eefadb0552f1abb1affff82be0733.jpeg97473552-6927-473C-AA17-0F4FB2B2BDC4.thumb.jpeg.e921bc83f1688a7a00cf8ca594e3b599.jpeg3EDF3C98-4830-43FA-82E1-4D5C58FE74A3.thumb.jpeg.0526b8ab207ce63acdc27e5dc6fdfa4c.jpeg

Then unscrew all the Phillips screws you can see apart from the one behind the door handle. Undo the electric connection to the window switch58B7ABC2-A8AD-4BD6-92DC-92F3051973BC.thumb.jpeg.e1c4cd99ee955717bac63534c6e25330.jpeg

gently pry the door card away from the door at the bottom, the clips should pop off, mine did. Then slide the door card up and off the hooks at the top of the door. 

You’ll then be looking at the top of the door like in the pic. D9019AC9-87C7-4B62-B5F7-46E562C89C8E.thumb.jpeg.faabc9c3102b47fe857e94dd7d4a083b.jpeg

undo the two bolts in the next photoA6D1E0A3-DB43-4EB2-BA9C-DBA2F45E07F6.thumb.jpeg.12c53f39c04e40e76cabd3bed62a500c.jpeg

then take the front top metal bracket offF9EF8276-0A14-49D9-AE7F-ECFD6733DF19.thumb.jpeg.c77c998588a9dfaf6d2c4a30f146851d.jpeg

rotate the window guide and bracket up and towards you to release226E6436-4C1E-4EE0-AB31-BAC6FCEB79B9.thumb.jpeg.3ceae14809e8c39691eb37f07772908e.jpeg

repeat on the back guide. 

The window should then pull towards you and expose the back clips that can be released with a flat screw driver. It is a fiddly job but you can do it. E846D642-61E4-4B2A-9F70-C4F1E410F950.thumb.jpeg.4f6f0af17a60c9dd9ff105fd96f20067.jpegC8F6B2FC-57D1-44C3-8E56-521109DAC0F7.thumb.jpeg.a0d81cece3e7d53497d9bc4358021322.jpegC2A49007-A73F-4CA4-AEDD-AA1CB3ACB926.thumb.jpeg.022b199467d638fbe064dbe2a0e4ac0a.jpeg

You can take all the guides away and clean them up, they will be solid and glazed looking with crud. Scrape with a screw driver and wash out with soap and water. 4151B51C-3BCC-4C40-9FFB-1F6471A69BD9.thumb.jpeg.11371e66ee5a488265052a7308cebccd.jpeg

the one on the left is a brand new one I got from importcarparts.co.uk. 61256FE020. If you want the part number. 

When you put the guides back in pull the window towards you and clip those in first. 

Then rotate the guides in bracket first. 6AC8087C-61A4-4F81-A3F4-B8D2CFD732BA.thumb.jpeg.6ab09440e685cb7b6b4437fcff2e5544.jpeg


Place the metal clip back on and tighten the nut. 


you may like me have to push the window away from you with your head to get the guides adjusted up correctly. There is adjustment on the guides and clip with the bolt slack. 

Once compleated hook the door card over the clips at the top, push the plastic clips at the bottom till they clip in and tighten up the screws. Replace the caps and window switch cover. 

Hope this helps you stop those annoying scratches on your windows! 😡😡




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