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Gen 5 fusebox/relays info needed


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I've got an AUS spec 2016 Outback 3.6R which I will be bringing back to the UK with me in a couple of months.  In order to get it road legal it needs a rear fog light fitting.

It's taken 2 months of back and forward with Subaru UK and Subaru Australia trying to work out how I can make this as standard fit as possible.  Unfortunately neither party is keen to get too involved as UK don't know the AUS specs and AUS will only touch AUS spec parts.  It's all a bit frustrating but I think that I've finally worked it all out and it might be easier than I hoped as most of the wiring appears to already be in place and it looks like I might just be able to just plug the parts in. 

The one thing I can't get any clarity on though is where the rear fog light relay is located in a UK spec car.  I've got a diagram that shows where the relay sits in the relay box but I have no idea where that relay box is located in the car.  I'm hoping it's in the main fuse box in the engine compartment as my car has a few spaces there, including one that could be where the fog relay goes, but it's labelled as Main Fan 2 Relay.  This labeling seems wrong as the main fans work fine with nothing there.

Could a UK 2015 onwards Outback owner please post a photo of the engine compartment fusebox / relays and a photo of the underside of the cover that shows what each item is so that I can compare it to what I have in place.  I'm hoping it's fundamentally the same as mine as per the photos below.

I can't believe how complicated this has been!  Any help will be very gratefully received.




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