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  1. shms

    Paul new member

    would recommend oil/filter,,coolant and brake fluid change but you were prolly going to do that anyway...!! hope the tyres aren't flat spotted after standing so long...
  2. shms

    CVT Transmission Oil

    i've heard good things about these guys but not used them myself...yet ! assume your local dealer is Adams in Aylesbury ?
  3. shms

    hi im new

    welcome, plenty of good advice on here, pics always appreciated.🙂
  4. shms


    hi and welcome from another outback h6 owner.. (and imo a good idea to steer clear of the diesel boxers)
  5. shms

    CVT Transmission Oil

    i'd say if you're towing with cvt then a change of fluid is deffo a good idea. i notice the towing weight allowance has dropped on the cvt versus torque converter. as for the fluid i would try an indy autobox specialist first as yours won't be the only cvt they're likely to be doing,,might work out cheaper than a subaru dealer. either way changing the fluid will be a lot cheaper than a new box...😉
  6. shms

    WRX-S Suspension

    always best to replace springs/shocks in pairs....
  7. shms


    thankfully mine are still intact....🤞
  8. are the corresponding wires the same colour ?.. if so you could bridge them temporarily to check the seat functions as it should ? or check them with a multimeter..
  9. shms

    Buyers Guide // Newbie // 3.0 spec B

    i'd add ...check the droplinks are in good nick, they cause annoying rattles..also the bushes in the front lower arms...not expensive. the spec b's are usually on bilsteins which do corrode over time, many might have been changed to alternative coilovers. again check for any knocking. engines as stated ^^^ are pretty bulletproof if regularily treated to a decent 5-30 or 5-40 you could do worse than read some threads on
  10. shms

    New tyre recommendations

    bearing in mind the season you might be wise to think about all-season tyres if you don't fancy winters... lot of good feedback on michelin cross climates... nokian seem popular too..
  11. what's the idea behind the front numberplate ?
  12. at that mileage good chance of crank letting go sooner or later...even with meticulous service history.... ^^see post above.,
  13. shms

    How many miles per gallon are you getting?

    24-5 on my OB mixed driving...over 30+ on long runs...using S mode daily and keeping S# for annoying bmws.
  14. try don't be tempted to buy cheapo service parts, genuine is best.
  15. welcome, not many brz folk in here afaik but feel free to post pics/questions.