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  1. shms

    Confusing info online (oils)

    simple, 10-40 is fine.... long as it's pukka stuff. semi or full synthetic., depending on budget. and a proper subaru filter, , regular changes the most important thing.
  2. shms

    Navigation help

    maybe you need to move....😀 soz i can't be more help...
  3. shms

    Navigation help

    if i've got this right you should be able to scroll thru menu and set to UK as opposed to russia, i think it comes with various language/country options. i'm not familiar with that unit tbh. i think it uses a 3or 4G sim card, either way it's a big step up from mine. you need someone with more ICE knowledge !! (or try a Subaru main dealer) (or local car entertainment specialists) hopefully a member here can help you more 🙂
  4. +1 for petrol...but despite being tough as nails, go anywhere, brill in snow etc you'll be lucky to see much more than 30mpg,,maybe closer to 40 if you drive like a sleepy vicar... even the diesel (noisy compared to german equiv's) is hard pressed to hit 45mpg i don't think anyone ever bought a scooby for economy !! but it's pretty much the only drawback. jmo🙂
  5. shms

    Navigation help

    hi karen, i'm pretty sure 2010 leggys had core2 dvd navigation...if you've got sd card maybe it's not the original head unit. you can get maps/updates from subaru toolbox(and elsewhere) but i was under the impression that only applied to recent model years. i'm sure someone with more info will be along to help. 🙂
  6. shms

    turbine/whine from rear

    sounds like it could be a bearing (mebbe buy 1 and take with you in case) i do know it's always best practice to change all 4 tyres at same time, ,50% difference in tread depth is not a good plan imo...i'd bite the bullet and get a matching set then see if that improves the whine.
  7. the gen 4 legacy has the same options for the armrest but no idea if they would fit your fozzie....
  8. shms

    Prospective buyer

    welcome and good luck with your search...🙂
  9. shms

    New from Southport

    dirty oil can be a symptom of getting that code up (among other things) change it + gen' subaru filter then see... oh and welcome..can't help with garage as darn sarf !
  10. shms

    Exhaust on 2.5SE

    sorry for delay, only just seen this....afaik they should be oval like my 3ltr enclose pic of 2,5 currently on sale.
  11. shms

    Bike racks

    howse about a tow ball mounted rack,,,much easier than slinging bikes on roof... *assumes you have a towbar !!
  12. shms


    got the letter last week for my OB,,, had all brakes/discs/pads done recently and know it's ok but will still take it in and get it signed off..
  13. cambridge to baldock is only 25 miles and i can recommend Quenbys... family firm and nice to deal with.
  14. shms

    2006 Forester roof bars

    not knowing what rails you have but i bought some Cruz bars for my OB from here..about £100 nicely made and mid price range plenty of options out there...from basic cheapos to ally aerodynamics..
  15. shms

    Outback 2.5 Boxer diesel Oil pump fail!

    that's a PITA footfarmer, sorry to hear your bad news... be a real shame to break it. i hope someone in here with diesel knowledge can help...