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  1. might it be to do with the baffled sump ?
  2. shms


    might be an idea to say what models they are...🙂 (unless they are both svx)
  3. i have that in mine but you need a new harness from the HU ... i found the 3.5mm socket part on ebay usa, from a breaker. but some folk fit a simple 3.5 in the ashtray. simple fix on the Kenwood set up. useful for playing tunes from your phone etc . £20 for the wiring. try contacting Subtechacy on
  4. welcome to OB ownership...enjoy. 🙂
  5. quote from road test... The ride does a decent job of ironing out bumps and rough surfaces, although it can get caught out by deeper potholes, but it's impressively smooth on the motorway, so Subaru Outback comfort levels do impress. **assuming yours is a Gen 4 (Gen5 legacy) either 2.0D or 2.5 petrol.... if it's rock hard something is amiss,,sounds like it's on coilovers ! mine's a 2007 and very compliant. maybe get a Subaru dealer or Indy to take a look at it ?
  7. but how does it drive ?...and do you have the budget to save it and enjoy it ? it's possibly worth more in parts as it's rare. look here for correct parts..
  8. hi, sorry can't help with the wiring as mine is 2007 and 7 pin x2, but am intrigued that you are happy to tow with the fridge running on gas. whilst not illegal it's nevertheless fraught with danger so assume you're on board with the possible risks of a naked flame ! btw are you aware that you MUST turn it off if pulling into a petrol station ? and not when arriving at pump but before you enter. also if the fridge is of the absorption type it's very intolerant of not being level and being subject to going round corners, so your food may not be as cool as you hope on arrival ! it's easier to precool overnight on 240v before travelling and pack food in a insulated box (with ice blocks) carried in the car (less towed weight !!) Jmo and i hope you never have a shunt on route...🙂
  9. i was gonna ask the same !! nowt wrong with a tribeca but the leggy is a cracker.
  10. +1 for Millers 🙂
  11. tbh that sounds a bit high, i'd have thought more like 6-7k if it's in A1 condition. bear in mind dervs are falling in the popularity stakes and subaru diesels don't have a good rep... maybe you should auction it with a reserve you're happy with,,at the end of the day it's only worth what someone else is prepared to pay.. GLWTS...🙂
  13. if it's brand new i'd refer back to the dealer to confirm there is nothing a first step. if it's specced with low profiles and bigger wheels then the ride is bound to suffer. i don't think there are many on this forum that are likely to have your model but hopefully someone might be along to offer further advice.
  14. just make sure you do regular QUALITY oil changes with genuine Subaru filters... what year is it ?