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  1. shms

    FF-1 1300G info

    tbh i think you're going to struggle, exceptionally rare even in US and AUS, so even a barn find might be hard to source.. how about a nice Leggy instead..😀
  2. shms

    FF-1 1300G info

    not tried personally but heard good things about these guys..
  3. shms

    Battery disconnected while driving

    not sure tbh but often a cure is to disconnect the battery again for at least 30 mins. then reconnect and try again. it might have caused a code to get logged which may need clearing.
  4. shms


    if no luck you can get yours reconditioned...they'll come back like new anyway ! or similar.....
  5. shms

    FF-1 1300G info

    you could try importing one...bound to be a few left in japan surely ?
  6. shms

    Looking for a Gear Stick Gaitor for 2009 WRX

    why not remove it and make a new one using the old one as a template...not difficult if you know someone handy with a sewing machine. easy enough to source a square of black leather.. just an idea..
  7. at £400 whats not to like ? even if it needs a new window motor or switch... not sure but would have thought all windows would be on one fuse... unless it's a complete dog it'll be worth more in parts !!!
  8. diesels can and have been problematic, with known issues...could you not source a replacement lump if the rest of the car is in good nick ?
  9. shms

    FF-1 1300G info

    none listed on "how many left" and not heard it mentioned on here but others may know more...
  10. shms

    Hello from Mansfield

    welcome, you've come to the right place. 🙂
  11. shms

    Back to the Subaru brand.

    good luck and i hope all goes well...🙂
  12. shms

    Back to the Subaru brand.

    all i know is early ones had crank/big end problems, later ones were supposedly better but there are plenty stories of them going bang at 80-90k..... advice is generally to go tried and tested petrol, but main thing is a FSH and stick to regular servicing at the recommended intervals.. for every story about 200k plus with no issues there are equal stories of terminal trouble. fwiw subaru aren't going to make diesels after this year. they were late to the party and are getting out early. draw your own conclusions !!
  13. shms

    Heated leather.. Or bucket?

    not a clue but at least i gave you a response !!! (i read your answer to another question)..😉
  14. shms

    GC8 Rear Light Seal or similar...🙂
  15. did you put something on the passenger seat ?? it's pretty sensitive so might it be the belt alarm ? or not .