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  1. at that mileage good chance of crank letting go sooner or later...even with meticulous service history.... ^^see post above.,
  2. shms

    How many miles per gallon are you getting?

    24-5 on my OB mixed driving...over 30+ on long runs...using S mode daily and keeping S# for annoying bmws.
  3. try don't be tempted to buy cheapo service parts, genuine is best.
  4. welcome, not many brz folk in here afaik but feel free to post pics/questions.
  5. shms

    Our First Scooby

    indeed !! welcome and good luck ! if she gets the wrx what you got ...😮
  6. shms

    Wheel for 2010 Outback

    afaik you can't carry a full size spare in the wheel well in yours but there are options.. this might explain.
  7. shms

    Wheel for 2010 Outback

    it should be like this then...
  8. welcome...nice looking example.
  9. ouch...☹️
  10. shms

    New Member - Hello

  11. shms

    Wiring help for a dumbo

    surely the red is12v supply and the black is earth/ground ?
  12. shms

    Wheel for 2010 Outback

    try a local breaker, is yours a late Gen 3(4) facelift or an early Gen 4(5) the clue is the door windows...framed or frameless ? or put up a thread in the Wanted section. 🙂
  13. if you don't know PIN then quick fix is a dealer visit who can erase and input your new choice of numbers... maybe other ways but it worked for me.
  14. that's a pretty decent stable ! i'm sure the 2.0 experts will be along with best advice in due course..🙂
  15. shms

    Battery disconnected while driving

    hope you got it resolved and if so what was the result ?...🙂