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Mud flaps


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This SG9 needs some decent sized mudflaps sharpish, it throws up a storm of muck.

Apart from importing some Gorilla Flaps from the USA and getting stung for import duties, again, making them some £150 for a set, the only decent ones i've found here are the Rallyflapz seller on eBay, item number 182634248571

What i don't want is to start having to drill holes, and the seller doesn't say too much about the method of mounting, experience tells me that which isn't mentioned in glowing tones there is usually a  reason why but would like to find out before buying then having to return due to poor fittings.

I see some of the Imprezza owners on the forum seem pleased with them.

So has anyone bought them for Foresters, or are there other custom cut straight flaps that you would recommend, i don't want the sort that are moulded around the side of the body behind the arch, they usually rub the paint, the flat STi type are preferred in plain black with no logos or writing.

Many thanks


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Thanks Mr B, yes i have sent message to seller, but was hoping someone here might have tried a set already on a forester so an independent review.

They are fairly priced and if the fitting method is up to the mark and the fitting not going to rust up in the first year then i shall probably get them.


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Literally just a 2mm pilot to start the self tapper off per corner, then yes use existing holes in wheel arch trim for 2 plastic plugs to hold them.

May be different on Foz so worth asking still

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Well i took the plunge and bought the Rally Flaps, literally because there was nothing else worth bothering with and none too sure the Gorilla jobbies from the USA would have been any better fitments, much depends on any differences in any bodykits fitted to various models.

The rears went on as designed, the fronts required new holes drilling in the flaps and the stainless support brackets supplied with them, it would have been very awkward to do the job without removing one wheel at a time.

Happy with the product.

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