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Suspension Knock

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Hi there,

It would be worth changing the front anti roll bar ‘D’ bushes, I’ve had hard to trace suspension knocks with my Legacy and Outback. Dived in with the Leg, thinking it must be the perished wishbone bushes, changed all of them and the ball joints whilst I was at it - and it still clonked away just as before - changed the ‘D’s’ - peace perfect peace!

With the Outback, the guy I bought the car from had one wishbone bush per side changed to try and stop it clonking and supplied the other two, but the originals looked fine. Again, I replaced the D bushes - all sorted!

Hope this helps

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I had both front drop links replaced and knew it wasn't the D bushes as it had just passed mot ........ turned out to be the passenger shock! 

Check the shocks for signs of oil, mine started off with abit of misting which caused a knock and one one horrid pot hole later the oil completely went 


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See I have no shock leak or misting but it happens when I come to a stop and them when I take off but I'm going to upgrade the shocks soon and put some coilovers on it just need to put the cash aside for it 

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