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1st time subaru owner and buying a forester


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Seeking your guidance and experience please new to Subarus, I am in the process of buying a 2013 XC forester 49k miles.

The car has been very well looked after with full SH, it is located away from where I live, So I have only had videos of the car all round, starting, running and driven.

Have requested an independent inspection via AA, but I was hoping for some advice and things I need to look at when I go to settle the deal, I will of course do a full drive test at various speeds and stop starts for 20 mins, but do these cars have any common things that are unseen but can be checked out? Is there any common issues with the AWD system. Wheel bearings drop links springs?

I understand they are robust cars built to last.


Any advise info would be much appreciated


many thanks


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Guessing its a late SH model like in my pic? and a diesel? ...if so have a read of the thread titled "Rebuild or replace my engine" - made me thankful that I'd bought a petrol anyway ...I dont know anymore than what is in the thread but its worth a read and to ask a few questions before you buy. 

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lovely cars by the way ...just been through my service bills from previous owners - apart from general consumables the only expensive parts needed were shockers and springs.

If you get a petrol expect to change the timing belt at or before 66K miles - or try and find one with this already done - diesels have a timing chain.  


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Hi Brack

Yes diesel it is on a 13 plate, new shape grill facelift. Asked a few questions on that thread, don’t mind maintenance and service, I drive around 18k per year with some months doing 800-900 miles 

looking for more family space and work things, I have always had SAABs current 57 plate 9-3 tid just clocked 150k, never let me down but a few things are making me think it’s time for a change, then spotted these and I like them a lot.


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