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Restricted or just pants

Tar Ten

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Hi Guys,

Got myself an Imprezza 2.0 AWD 5d on a 55 plate and was wondering if anyone can help with a couple of things..

First... Are these things supposed to be so sluggish.. First to third is fine with good torque but 4th and 5th feels pointless having them.. Struggle to get past 70mph with foot to the floor in 4th from 55/60...once it eventually gets there 5th just has nothing... 80mph may be possible if I was being towed by my partners 107 ( see next line )

My partners 107 out accelerates it and gets to 80 a hell of a lot quicker than I can get to 70..... It feels restricted.

Its only done 84k, engine is practically silent on idle, no noises, bangs or grinds at any time whilst driving... I can't believe its supposed to be such a wet biscuit..

Second.. Drivers side , right of the steering wheel just down where usually there is the fuse box is a pull out drawer which has a numerical keypad inserted into it, and just above it where the fog light switches are there is a green light which I think has been a mod by a previous owner...

Cant find any info on it and don't want to mess around with it incase its a secondary immobiliser and I don't have the code... Or could it be part of a chip tune kit which may explain the power problem...

Any ideas greatly appreciated....Thanks

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Id have a look at your air filter make sure nothing is blocking it and probably service it. But i dont think they are generally that fast unfortunately. The 107 is a lot lighter might be why it seams faster but when it rains you have all wheel drive 👌

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Yes it has a tower so it probably is that...

I know its not the perkiest of motors but would still expect it to hit 80 relatively effortlessly...

The guy I got it from was a young driver just had his licence 7 months... could the keypad be an insurance restrictor

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Keypad is for the alarm/immobiliser (likely SIGMA series). If you didn't get the PIN from the seller when you bought it, any good Subaru dealer should be able to provide it. You'll need the PIN if the remote gets lost or packs up. 

Has the car been serviced since you got it?

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