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Looking to buy my first Subaru Forester


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Hi guys.. newbie here!

I'm potentially looking to trade my 2015 Audi A6 TDI for a 2016 Forester XT as I can't justify a diesel with the annual mileage I'm currently doing.

With 2 young kids, the Forester seems like a practical car for my family and one which I would be looking to keep for the next 3-5 years.

I've been reading up on common faults with the SJ Forester and the 2 main ones of concern are excessive oil consumption, and issues with the CVT gearbox.

Was wondering if anyone on the forum has any experience of these issues, or if you can highlight any other known problems before I arrange a test drive with my local dealers.

Thanks in advance 🙂


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Save yourself a lot of purchase expense and hassle and buy a proper clean proper built older forester XT, newer cars simply not even close in no hassle long term quality and durability .

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hi i have a subaru forester sti 04 great condition, pedders sports suspension kit fitted looks good and ride is not to firm, also powermapped by slowboy racing to well over 300 bhp pulls like a train, changing jobs so sadly need to sell.IMG_0659.thumb.JPG.01d69f7ea6d1b65bbd519932a8e0ce96.JPGIMG_0673.thumb.JPG.c6fdf0f74eea5c5e4f4e218298b2fbef.JPG




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I do love that the new fozzies aren't a scratch on the old ones. Maybe I'm biased owning an 06 XT (which I guess is newer than some) but i like the feeling that there is a cosy cult following out there...(rightly or wrongly)

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I may have an opportunity to pick up a Low mileage 60 000 Kms, FSH, 1 owner, 2005 Forester XT (once the lockdown's over and the markets look a bit better), in addition to my October 2019 acquired 2017 XV. I would appreciate any comment and things I should look out for. I would like to lift it and use it off the beaten track, as it were.  And then do I have it put on a dyno and remap it for more power. (I don't even know if its manual or automatic (CVT ?)) yet. I thank you in advance and look forward to your most valued input.

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