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  1. I may have an opportunity to pick up a Low mileage 60 000 Kms, FSH, 1 owner, 2005 Forester XT (once the lockdown's over and the markets look a bit better), in addition to my October 2019 acquired 2017 XV. I would appreciate any comment and things I should look out for. I would like to lift it and use it off the beaten track, as it were. And then do I have it put on a dyno and remap it for more power. (I don't even know if its manual or automatic (CVT ?)) yet. I thank you in advance and look forward to your most valued input.
  2. SDK Thank you for posting the problem And then posting the resolution. ! Glad you found it and it was a simple matter.
  3. Yeah I'm with the battery guy on this one. Once it gets marginal all sorts of weird **** happens. !
  4. Yea.! What's this nonsense about gate posts jumping out at the last minute ? I mean like what ernieb says gateposts just ain't what they used to be. Obedient and stationary! Got to be on the lookout for them like the big 5.
  5. Hi Jay762 Oh I shall ! (When the time comes, that is.)
  6. Hi Jay762 I've got months on the 'warrantee' but another year (roughly) on my Maintenance Plan. I note that the maximum lift I can go on an XV (pre 2018) is 1.5 inches (something to do with the suspension geometry) which does not require different alignment / cast and camber etc, although I've seen a LP Adventures lift (on Youtube) which then provides different parameters to load into the alignment rig for a (I think it was) 2" lift. (which perhaps is a bit extreme. I'm happy to go the minimum (1.5 Inches) so not as to mess with the suspension geometry or setup. I understand the (supplier) LP Adventure lift kit specifically takes those things into consideration in their lift kit. Then perhaps I'd like to do 'Method' Road Wheels/rims and 215/65 R 16 's, I think it is, sometime in the future.
  7. And ? So.Can ask 'Guest' how the search for the car of your dreams is going. ? I mean the Subaru XV, of course. Took delivery of mine and unloaded it off the carrier 3 Friday's ago. Oh Wow ! and Wow, Oh and Wow again. Welcome to the Subaru, dare I say, Club !? I absolutely love my XV 2.0i S - ES (In our language that's the high spec, what ever they call it where you are.) Please do let us know. and I'm sneakily confident to say 'welcome to the Subaru 'brotherhood'.
  8. Can anyone advise where I might pick up Live only with ignition on (i.e. engine started/running) ? Please. I would like to wire LED running lights to it.
  9. Ned Kelly

    XV video

    Oh Wow ! "I'm Very impressed !" as well. And can you imagine doing Iceland in Your XV ? Thank you for posting ! Greatly appreciated !
  10. I posted this in response to a posting on "XV Spare Wheel" It would be nice if one could have an article in a thread linked, as it were to another thread / article. Ihave a 'real' spare tyre (in my XV 2.0I S ES CVT) although its still a "temporary" wheel, it is a full road wheel and proper tyre. It's a Bridgestone185/65 R 17 90M Or am I missing the point here ?
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    XV video

    Fantastic ! It's always nice to see the world, howsoever. And through a Subaru XV camera, what a pleasure. Seems I'm going to have to strap a gopro to the roofracks and go for a drive.
  12. I have a 'real' spare tyre although its still a "temporary" wheel, it is a full road wheel and proper tyre. It's a Bridgestone185/65 R 17 90M Or am I missing the point here ?
  13. I'd like to ask the greater XV audience. To Lift or Not to Lift ? I've been told that if I do Lift my XV that I Void my Warrantee and I Void my Maintenance Plan. Are there issues as I cant find a Subaru approved Lift Kit. And I can find the LP Adventures Lift Kit ex USA and the ADF Lift Kit ex Australia. I would love to hear your responses and the debate both Pro's and Con's Please.
  14. Hi ! Oh wow that engine looks sooo good !
  15. I took my 'new' XV, fresh off the carrier the day before, out after some detailing / cleaning yesterday. We just have the most amazing scenery and coastline. Given I've only just taken delivery I've been 'getting to know' my XV and detailing / cleaning. Here's the left rear wheel off to clean underneath and get to inspect my new toy. Now that its clean I can 'polish' Teflon sprayon. And having cleaned both sides of the road wheel / rim time to put it all back. I'm loving it !
  16. Wow That Silver Subaru (is it an Impreza ?) looks brand new. And it shines. I took delivery of my XV yesterday and saw it come off the carrier. It's amazing, I've been doing the homework or 'hunting' for a 'smaller' 4x4 or SUV for some 6 months, but was not prepared to go from a 320 V6 to anything less than 2.0 l and they want to pull a Qashqai around with a 1.2 l motor ? I wouldn't want my passengers to have to call for Uber when I put the air con on or start a hill climb. And having seen and driven the XV well. Enough said. I wouldn't want (and we cant get) a diesel as they're going to become about as popular as smoking in public (I was one) Yuk So I got the top of the line 2017 (what we call 2.0i S ES CVT) in Ice Silver. Oh wow, sooo decadent and an absolute beaut ! And sexy !! I hope you make the right call ! I note that 2 of the more astute XV owners have commented so happy (and successful) hunting.