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2002 UK Bugeye Rear Fog Light faulty


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I have a fault on the  rear fog light on my UK 2002 Impreza not working. the fog light switch is also not illuminating either. the front fogs and their switch are working has they should.

I suspect the rear fog switch could be faulty because  I have voltage going to it , but I am struggling to prove continuity between the switch and the rear fog light.


 the only wiring diagrams I can find - do not correspond colour codes to what I have in the car  .  I also suspect there might be  relay somewhere in the circuit but I am unable to locate one?  anyone any ideas. I have checked fuses 10(rear fog) and 12 under the dash both are ok.

many thanks , any help appreciated 


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disconnect switch and test continuity over the switch if ok,(should eliminate concern of switch fault)  i would check for voltage/earth going to switch. if ok, check for voltage/earth at the rear and trace forward (simple check on earth side is voltage after the consumer)  voltage = poor earth  . Im a nissan tech so not 100% on subaru but hope this helps 😃

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thanks both
tested 4th relay ok. that is for the front spot lights. earths testing good at switch and lamp.  
Ok, it's just what Google pulled up as Ive not particularly done much with Subaru wiring, but I agree with above definitely [emoji106] good luck, an may the Subaru god's be on your side

Loud pipes save lives

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Not sure if a subaru uses an body control module. if it does the combi switch will send a signal to that. the bcm will then send out power as required. (may have internal relay). this is how nissan do it not sure about subaru tho. No tell take on dash would leave me to think signal not recieved from a controller (BCM) or the fuse has popped. Have you checked all fuses not just the one listed? 😃

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