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2007 Forester - factory alarm?


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Evening all! 

So, my dad picked up his new toy today, a lovely 2007 Forester Cross Sports S-Edition.  We've noticed that when unlocking/locking the car using the standard two-button key, the car "chirps" as if there's an alarm being armed/disarmed.  Can anyone tell me if these had factory fitted alarm systems?  It's the same type of key as my 2002 WRX which didn't have any type of security fitted to it, so we're not sure what the score is.


Thanks in advance!

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Yes, sorry I meant to say that they're both JDM imports.  I think I've got to the bottom of the question though, it seems that the "chirping" we can hear is an audible confirmation of the keyless lock/unlock function, not really an alarm as such.  I've tried arming it and then opening the door with the key, arming it whilst sat inside and opening the door and a few other things and no alarm sounds, so I don't reckon this one has a proper alarm fitted yet.

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