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  1. About 13:45 today, guessing you were paying Triton a visit? Car looked and sounded phenomenal!
  2. Mine doesn't have the lights behind the covers, apparently you had to spec them when the car was new. I'm trying to find a pair as I prefer the look tbh. Rumour has it they're the same as the GC8 fogs but I can't find anyone that can confirm that 100%. I'll settle for a pair of UK spec lights as there's no way I'm paying £300 for the JDM ones .
  3. Bahnstormer

    Other vehicles

    Necrobump :D My current little project, a 1996 Toyota Glanza V. It was a right pile of poo when I got it, full of mouldy old food and other unidentifiable crud. It had been stacked into a kerb, had no oil in the sump and needed a thorough disinfecting. Shame really as it used to be a really really well looked after little car - my sister was the first UK owner, she then sold it to someone locally who ruined it. I had the chance to get it back so paid £500 for it last summer. Now it's almost ready to go back on the road, I just need to fit some new handbrake cables and it'll be booked in for the MOT. Then it'll be time for new paint, wheels, blah blah's already had a small fortune spent on it since I got it.
  4. 2003 is the changeover year isn't it? If yours is a BP, there's this one in the classifieds. I'm not sure if it'll fit a BH though.....
  5. Evening all. I'm looking at this part on ICP (, however it says it's for LHD cars only. Does anyone know what the difference is? I can't see how it would be different with the latch etc being in the centre and not offset like the later cars. Or is there's a part number kicking about for a RHD version?
  6. Still looks fairly clean though! Best of luck bringing it back to it's former glory 👍
  7. No worries man! Let's see some pics
  8. Any good? Oh and welcome along 👍
  9. Thought I'd make a little guide on this. It might already be common knowledge, but I couldn't see anything after a quick search. The stock rear speakers have an awkward 3 bolt fitting, and usually require you to buy/make adaptor rings, so hopefully this should save you a few quid if you're thinking about upgrading your rear speakers. It might also work for the fronts, but I changed them a few weeks ago and already had the adaptor rings, so didn't think about it at the time..... First up, remove the speakers - I'm sure there's already a guide covering this so I won't go into great detail. Basically, there's two screws, a screw-clip and a load of normal trim clips holding the door card on. You will need: A phillips screw driver Wire strippers & crimpers A Dremel or similar rotary tool with a cutting disc Replacement speakers - I used a pair of Pioneer TS-G400, they fit perfectly inside the speaker rings and don't foul anything inside the door Once you have the speaker out, it'll look like this: Flip it over. Use the Dremel to remove the four support arms which hold the magnet etc for the standard speaker (sorry, this pic is really dark for some reason, so I've circled the bits you need to remove). Once you've cut the support arms, push the magnet out through the front of the ring and the whole speaker should pop out. Flip the speaker ring back over and you'll be left with this: There is a raised ring which runs all the way around the top. I placed the speaker on top and removed material from the raised ring, which allows the speaker to fit neatly inside the main speaker ring. You can probably remove the entire raised ring if you want. With the material removed, mount the speaker to the speaker ring and secure it with the supplied screws (You may want to use a small drill bit to make a pilot hole for the screws). This should get you to this stage: You can now go and fit the speaker to to the car using the standard hardware. Obviously you'll need to adapt the wiring in the door. The finished article should look like this:
  10. Changed the rear speakers. While I was in there, I noticed this, which made me chuckle.
  11. I had this same thing happen on my gen 4 Legacy, turns out it was a duff O2 sensor. Like 4eyes said, the cruise control is disabled by the CEL, so could be a problem anywhere. If I remember correctly, I couldn't find any codes when I ran it on a generic scanner, but when I took it to a local specialist they did manage to pull a code.
  12. Oh he loves it! I've never seen him grin so much while he's driving