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Steering wheel/alignment off center, was it caused by new driveshaft install?


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As the title says, the other day I noticed the steering wheel was off centre, slightly right, since earlier this week I've had a driveshaft replaced on the drivers side, is it possible that they've not aligned it properly? I've read that it's most likely a alignment issue and not a steering wheel one, something to do with the wheel toe, but again I'm just quoting another thread.

Anyway should I take it back to be looked at? And ask them to do the job properly?

Or it isn't anything to do with the driveshaftI and I should be a little more observant in the future. 

Conversely I have also had new wheels fitted this week but that was pretty much like for like, I swapped my 07 Hawkeye standard 17 inch 7 spoke with 04 blob WRX 5 spoke 17 inch. Could this be the cause?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice its greatly appreciated 

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They probably didn't redo wheel alignment after changing the drive shaft. Best ask them to do it as long as they have the proper gear.

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