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Turbo over boost


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Has it been mapped ?

Has it got any modifications?

If not then check vacuum lines from boost solenoid, actuator and inlet manifold for leaks ,cracks or missing hoses .

If Nothing seems visually wrong you can remove the boost solenoid and clean it with brake cleaner to see if that improves things .

Failing actuator could be another culprit but you'd need to pressure check that with a vacuum pump to see if its operating at the correct pressure for your model .

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If it's had "breathing " mods like decat ,intake pipework, cone filter ect it should be mapped . I assume it hasn't been mapped as most mappers would have mapped in a higher 1.4/ 1.5 boost target. 

If it hasn't been mapped that might well explain why you're getting overboost , as the oe ECU parameters can be exceeded because boost control system will be working overtime trying  to keep the boost in check .

This could cause the boost solenoid or actuator to weaken .

Personally I wouldn't drive a unmapped scooby with breathing mods on boost until its been mapped. 

There's only really boost solenoid, actuator,  ECU solenoid duty and vacuum lines that control boost , so one of those is at fault .

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