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Subaru development car??


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Hi All

New to the forum so trying to work all this out.

i recently brought a 99 impreza and notice this plate in the passenger footwell. I tried googling any type of development cars but found nothing, do you reckon someone has made the tag and stuck it in?imageproxy.php?img=&key=78f0529ca4c31639 Chopped some of the photo but it says STI development car


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can you take a picture of the chassis plate showing the vin (can hide the last 5 or 6 digits of the actual if your worried about it).


If its a 16 digit code (letters and numbers) its a uk car and highly unlikey to be anything to do with sti, if its a jap code (9 numbers iirc) then its an import.

looking at the pics its a uk car. can you get an engine bay pic as well.

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they always do haha


tbh i would be highly skeptical of sti having anything to do with it. Vin is a UK car and STI is soley based in japan, so i can;t seem them shipping a uk car over to japan, then back again.


On a side note, sack off that blotz boost control and get the ecu mapped properly.

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Cheers thanks for that mate I did think it was odd. Going to get it through an MOT first then gradually swap bits out. I have Catalunya as well so that ones taking priority at the min been off the road for 7 years!

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