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EVAP Sensor


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If you mean the purge valve , its bolted to the underside of the inlet manifold,  normally has a couple  of vacuum lines attached and a plug from the loom .

They're a bit of a pain to get to ,with the inlet still attached to the engine but they can be removed without removing the whole inlet .

Just check the vacuum lines from the purge valve to the charcoal canister (black plastic cylinder at the front of the bay) ,fuel line and intake pipe are all still connected and dont have any splits in them first . As the evap system doesn't often fail tbh .

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Ok thank you I will have a look when I get back from work. It’s driving me nuts when the CEL is flashing it won’t start but then sometimes it does not come on and it starts. Had a few errors at first but now this P0451 is what I’m left with

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