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Top 5 Outback Mods


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I'm thinking about giving my 2009 2.5 Outback a bit more whoomba. God knows i pay enough road tax - I want to get my monies worth.
At 90,000 miles, I don't want to spend megabucks on it but a few hundred quid here and there won't break the bank.
What would you say the top 5 go faster mods are? I'm thinking:

  • ECU upgrade - plenty of companies doing this. It seems to be an easy one
  • Airbox mod of some sort - always helps if you let them breathe
  • Maybe an exhaust mod - I would be nice to make it sound a little more throaty. Do they run better on decent exhausts or is it all just noise?
  • Upgrade the brakes possibly - discs could do with changing anyway, can I get drilled/grooved ones?
  • Suspension tweaks? Does anyone polybush these?

    Any other ideas and advice welcomed....
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All of the above sound good.

my 2p

High flow panel filter with stock airbox and piping

Less restrictive exhaust possibly lose your center resonator but keep a back box for a little more sound, possible sports cat or complete decat

then get a proper map that will match the engine to the mods and will probably give better midrange and slightly better mpg

improved brakes are always a good idea, at 90k consider replacing hoses with braided option with flush through of fluid.

I go for grooved but not drilled discs, had examples of mixed and both over the years and found the drilled ones kept cracking but even standard discs with better pads can show a difference in performance

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