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Legacy B4 BE5


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Hi All, just joined up from Ireland ... recently imported a 2002 Legacy B4, that's the 3rd one of these now and although I have had no problems with the last 2, one of them having been an import by myself, I only ran those 2 imports on fuel cats to boost the fuel octane, no additives... the other one was mapped I think as it was in Ireland a long time before I bought it. So, anyone on here have a spare mapped ECU for 95 RON petrol they'd like to move on? Are they plug and play or need to be coded ? Thanks all ... B4T.8cdbf784d84e9c7704b3ca6dec95b5ae.jpg&key=1b37a9bd7c8b0a5e63f7ec141bf93b531d1df6a7306ee36ccf1d79fc11c8811fbfa095bb1b0170da657ed28b72524d6f.jpg&key=0a7cd6e8061338481d92cb545e6c1e1a8100cc12d6fd787122a30f35d54b6786


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