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Immobiliser Frustration


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Hi, just hoping to get some help with getting my outback off the driveway and reduce the glares of my neighbours as the alarm wails while I fruitlessly try to fix it. Here's the sequence of events thus far:

About six months ago my key fob unlock button became temperamental, working intermittently and not from a distance, replaced Battery and no improvement.  Switched to other key fob, also gave it a fresh Battery for good measure, similar problem. Slowly both the unlock and lock buttons ceased to work, then finally the boot unlock stopped working as well, both fobs. Have been using the manual key to open and lock for the past couple of months, annoying but no problems.  Suddenly, yesterday the alarm starts going off intermittently, for about a minute or so then turns off for a couple minutes but the immobiliser has been activated so I'm stuck. I've tried the key turn 3x thing but it's not working. I've tried a lot of variations of key turnings in the ignition and door. I've done a lot of locking and unlocking, hair pulling and growling.  Have now just pulled the connection off the Battery post for some peace and quiet. In with my useless manual I found something to do with a Thatcham Category 1 alarm immobiliser system legacy 2010 model year onward and a PIN with it but I don't think it will help.  Any suggestions that don't involve getting it towed to the local Subaru guy and spending yet another few hundred quid on it would be highly appreciated! Thanks 😊 

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