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  1. Hi. Any ideas why I have a flashing DPF light, but no errors are shown on SSM III? Oil dilution is OK, I have tried a forced regen but no luck.
  2. Seal replaced! Bottom of the seal was damaged, top-side was caused by me for removal
  3. Done! First the lower kick panel should be removed. Inside there is a disconnected connector, connect it and the interior lights start blinking. Sit in the car, close the doors, press and hold the central locking "lock" button, you will hear a confirmation beep. Press the remote "lock" button on the fob twice. Doors locks will cycle between locked and unlocked. You can repeat with additional remotes. Release the central locking “lock” button. Disconnect the connection on the kick panel and test the remotes. Both an used remote from an Impreza and a chinese remote from AliExpress worked.
  4. I think is time to change this seal.... DO you think it can be done without removing the timing cover?
  5. I did some additional troubleshooting and found that the receiver in the car is 88035FG010, hidden under the left boot trim. Checking on the catalog, the part number listed for my VIN is 88039FG000, may this be the reason of the problem? Or maybe I am not doing the right procedure to code a new remote to the car? I was using the S32 keypad for that.
  6. Hi! I am having issues pairing my fob to a Sigma S32 alarm in my 2011 Outback: I have the pincode, but I cannot pair my existing key, a used key from a different Subaru, a chinese "copy" remote... Any ideas?
  7. Hi! I am Chema, bought a 2011 Subaru Outback a month ago, to replace an Audi Allroad. This is my first Subaru!