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Hello all.what kind of transmission oil do Subaru legacy sports spec b 2.0 takes,will it damage the transmission if I use dex ll multivehicle or what will really happens?

My oil cooler got damage and mix the oil with water so I flush it out now jut worried wht kind of oil this car


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Go for DEX III better performance and resistance to breakdown vs DEX II - a good mid price oil is the Fuchs option but I used Castrol ATF for my last change

Fuchs TITAN ATF 4400 Automatic Transmission Fluid

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normally for an transmission oil change you disconnect the output pipe going from the cooler modine back to the transmission box and have a longer piece of pipe going to a bucket.

You then run the engine pumping the oil out as you pour new oil through a thin funnel into the transmission fill point watching for the oil to run clear then you stop the engine replace the pipe and top up the transmission to the right level.

However as you have water involved as well I would drop the sump and let it dry out as well as draining the oil - some of the water wont have mixed with the oil, I do not know if your model also has a filter (some do some dont) but I would change that as well


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