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Boxer diesel impreza or legacy


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Hi all. 

I am new in subaru things. I looking to buy a boxer diesel impreza or legacy. I first thing i would like to put a custom exhaust and map on it. I looking for some advice what else need to stay reliable car. Shall i buy a better clutch or can go with the factory. I know lot of tune options for honda diesels but i am new in subaru. If anyone has any experience and knowledge of boxer diesel tune don't hold back please let me know all the options what i can do from it. I don't looking for more than 200bhp.

Thank you for all answers. 

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Wotcha and welcome - much as I am a fan of the subaru brand and product, they do not do a good diesel engine, they are subject to various failures.

The 3.0 H6 engine is really reliable sounds great with an aftermarket exhaust or if you want something with possibility of tweaking go for the 2.0 twinscroll turbo

If you want something that performs from the outset look for an Sti import

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I love my impreza diesel. But I probably would find it hard to recommend to a friend or family member

The engines are known to die early on. Euro 4 and early euro 5 are the ones to look out for, my car is a euro 4 but luckily so far no hickups. 

Remapping is a risk as the engines are known to be weak. I do want to remap mine but I am on the fence as don't want to kill my car prematurely. 

I run a aftermarket cat back system off of a sti hatchback without a centre resonator, has a bit of a rumnle but still a bit tractor like, it's loud when doing a dpf regen though. 

They are not particularly economical the best I've got on a trip to Wales was 49mpg on the computer but worked out 47mpg real world. Usually getting around 44mpg real world with mixed driving. 

If it must be diesel and your after reliability and power your probably best of going vag route, my girlfriends vw 170hp tdi gets better mpg is faster than mine standard, much easier to drive around town has a wider powerband and can get 220hp with just a map

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