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New to forum. Forester Xenon light question


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Hi all.  I was hoping I could get some advice from people in the know on what I should be paying for a replacement Xenon light.

It's a 2006 Forester XTe and the headlight has stopped working. There is water in the light fitting.

Just from googling the cost for a whole new light is into the hundreds. Is this correct?

I phoned a couple of garages that weren't all that interested but seen as I'm that clueless I don't want to get robbed.

So if it's just a bulb im thinking up to £100?

I've been told I'll need a new ballast? So maybe another £60?

If I need a whole new fitting how much are we talking?

I love this car but man I must be spent it's total worth in the last 12 months fixing it.

Any input appreciated

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Wotcha and welcome - I would take the whole unit off, dry it out and then plug back in to see if it works. Next I would be hitting breakers to see if they had a 2nd hand unit

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