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GC8 1998 Subaru Security / Alarm Issue - Need Help :(

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Hey all,

I recently bought a 1998 GC8 Impreza Terzo (turbo 2000) and after disconnecting the Battery today to fit a Battery brace (it came without one, was loose in the engine bay) I got the hazard lights flashing and not turning off, ive actually been googling all day regarding the issue and thought id rule out some of the things ive tried to correct the issue

The Car only came with a key and no fob, so i am unable to do the fob lock/unlock method, ive also tried Disconnecting the negative terminal on the Battery with no key in the ignition, then insert the key to the ON position and reconnect the Battery (Didnt work)

I then moved onto the third method of pushing the button under the dash and holding while turning the ignition on to find that the button was nowhere to be found, and i found that i have an aftermarket Cobra Alarm system and immobiliser (Cobra 6422 Alarm and 1984 Immobiliser) to be exact, however im pretty sure all this has been disabled as theres a few unplugged and spliced cables under the dash , i do not have the immobiliser key but its never stopped me from starting the car, and even with the hazards the car still starts no problem

So as you can tell im at a bit of a crossroads , ive tried disconnected fuse 3 behind the dash tray aswell, which i believe is the security fuse but still the hazards and coming on and off, so im at a crossroads now and dont know how to turn these darn hazards off, im really hoping some of you guys may know how or be able to point me in the right direction of fixing this

Really appreciate any help
Thanks, Aydon.

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