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Subaru forester heavy steering


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Hi guys I need some help please my forester 2.0 awd 2003 had heavy steering spots.my mechanic change new steering pump and normal atf fluid...now is the trick when I start the car stationary steering light as butter start driving ok for next few minutes when the fluid gets hot steering stationary position starts getting heavy no leaks at all uj good any one has the answer for my mystery please help...

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Don't rule out the new pump, is it oem new/used or reman unit .
Reman or used pumps a tricky game

Is the fault like before or very different, you going need deal with your current mechanic on this one and ask him how sure he was on original pump being bad or was he just throwing expensive parts at you expense for guess work .
Also tell him just because it a new/different pump not assume it a good pump lol .

Amount of reman pumps we had faulty out the box is ridiculous to the point we barely use that route unless options/cost force our hand and it either 100% new or known good low mileage used we source ourselves

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What brand pump part number ?

How close is specifics of current fault with new pumps vs the original one ?

Sat stationary f you rev engine to around 2.5-3K does steering get lighter, if does check pump pressure high side at idle .

We had 3 bad pumps in a row via our autofactors to point pump manufacturers and factors staff assuming I at fault, wasted hours of my time and had parts factor manager at my shop for almost 2 hours showing him pressure difference of the new aftermarket junk vs real oem .
Get someone who knows how actually do some test not and at very least test pump pressure and flow .

Power steering parts is a ballache aftermarket much like aircon pumps too lol .



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