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07 Impreza Power Steering Problems


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I have a 2007 hawk eye impreza, 1.5 R wagon. I have a problem with the power steering. When steering at low speed or stationary (eg into a parking space) it will allow the wheels to turn so far before it will lock, locking the steering in either direction. After some rotating back and forth it will rotate but still notchy and locking in other positions. Once driving it works fine. 

The pump has been changed and fluid drained from one of the hoses at the rack and replaced. The aux belt has also been changed. No signs of fluid leaks and no bubbles in the reservoir. No play in steering or front wheels. With the front jacked up and engine off, steers smoothly lock to lock. 

Before I resort to changing the rack, any ideas what else it could be?



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Thanks Jay, 

Yes there was definitely fluid returning to the reservoir so I guess you are right, it must be the rack. It feels to me like the hydraulics are stopping the steering from moving so maybe something has happened in the rack itself. 


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